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October 21, 2010

Marvels Mightiest Heroes Get The Tron Treatment

If there is one thing that Disney knows how to do, its collaborate. It makes it a bit easier when you are collaborating in house. Last week we show you guys the Toy Story/ Tron mashup the guys from Pixar did. Now we get Disney's newest business partner, Marvel, in on the act. Check out these cool variant covers that will be hitting stores soon featuring some of the most impressive characters in the Marvel Universe. Cal ran these puppies a few days ago, and other sites started putting em up yesterday, so I just wanted to keep my CCD'ers in the loop.

Cap with the light disc type shield and Ghost Rider on a light cycle from hell... priceless!!! 


  1. This is the kinda thing Disney does well. The masses always get their panties in a bunch that Disney taking over Marvel is going to lead to a Mickey Mouse Spiderman movie (which as of late...would be an improvement) but, know one stop to think what they could do with mash-ups of their smaller licenses like Tron or Pirates of the Caribbean. These are pretty hot.

    I love you Disney!

  2. I hope they make a Disney World equivalent for Marvel.