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October 19, 2010

Holy Shitballs Batman!!! The Batman 1960's TV Show Gets New Life On The Hub!!!

The newest TV network on the block, The Hub, has got something that all us Bat-Fans have all been waiting for a long ass time... Adam West & Burt Ward are on TV once again!!! The Hub is a new cable channel that is a 50/50 joint venture between Discovery Kids and Hasbro. The results are some intriguing new cartoons (G.I. Joe Renegades, Transformers: Prime, and a show based on the board game Clue) & some oldie but goodies (Fraggle Rock, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Batman Beyond) making up the programming. Throw in some classic sitcoms like Family Ties (Alex P kid... what!) and The Wonder Years (Winnie Cooper can get it!) and you got one hell of a network that launched on 10-10-10....

But all of those titles really don't mean shit compared to the next bit of news that comes with this new channel. Somehow, The Hub has acquired the rights to air all 120 episodes of the 1966-68 Batman TV show. Any real Bat-Fan knows that despite the fact that so much terrible shit has been released on DVD/Blu-Ray (Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie... Really?) the 60's Batman show has never been released due to rights issues between DC, Warner Brothers, and 20th Century Fox. But who gives a fuck... the show is on. One slight problem: the show airs at either 5 or 5:30 AM here in NYC. But my answer to that is simple: TIVO/DVR son!!!! My season pass is set... so take that Joker... Powwww!!! Bam!!! Zapppp!!! KaBlooooom!!!! (Tell me you don't remember the words during the fight scenes... Yes!!!)

To tell you the truth, I could care less about Batman & Robin (Well, West & Ward anyway). I am all about the amazing cast of celebrity villain guest stars. Caesar Romero as The Joker... Frank Gorshin as The Riddler. Burgess Meredith as The Penguin. Julie Newmar and Earth Kitt as Catwoman. Vincent price as EggHead. Otto Preminger as Mr. Freeze... the list goes on and on and is amazing! I am currently gathering episodes now, and expected recaps to follow shortly. Tune in to your local cable provider to find The Hub on your network. NYC Time Warner customers can catch The Hub on channel 22. Tune in kids... Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!!!  


  1. 1966 to 1968 and they filmed 120 episodes? Amazing.

    I just set the DVR up for Transformers and GI Joe! I'll have to revisit this channel to check out the other programming!

  2. All I have to say about HUB are in three words........FRAGGLE ROCK, BITCHES!!!

  3. It was on twice a week... hence the 120 episodes in three seasons... and Briana, guess what... I remember Fraggle Rock when it was only on HBO exclusively and I only got to see it when on vacation in Montauk every summer.... Yes!!!!