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October 4, 2010

Everyone, Meet RAK... RAK, Meet The CCD Family!

Now that we got the introductions out of the way, lets tell you about one of the coolest discoveries that I made at the 2010 Wizard Big Apple Comic Con. I came across RAK's (Robert A. Kraus) stand about 5 minutes after hitting the showroom floor. Upon seeing his table, 2 things immediately jumped out at me. #1- Dude had hundreds of baseball card size artists renderings (The Superfreeks!!!) of just about every fictional character ever... everything from superheroes to movie characters, from children's icons to horror movie murders. They were all there. #2 - They were all $1.00... $1.00 F'n dollar!!! They are wonderful interpretations of characters we have seen so many times... see for yourself. I went with Alex from A Clockwork Orange:

How cool is that??? RAK also had buttons for sale for a buck featuring all these same characters... I couldn't resist, and bought my son Mikey a Silver Surfer & Green Lantern and myself an Ash from Evil Dead:

RAK also had different size prints of his creations, and had some that featured whole groups of sketches from a same group, like a Star Wars set and a South Park set. Rak also had some great ceramic creatures (Rak Attack Monsters!!!) that he creates, and he gives you the option to buy them unpainted ($3 bucks) and hand painted ($20 bucks). They were beautiful and I love the way he gave you the option to do em up in your own styles by selling them unpainted. We had a short chat with RAK, and he was gracious enough to allow us to interview him for CCD. The audio is a bit low... take it easy, it was our first time!!! Check it all out here:

You see, even RAK has to deal with infernal Twilight fans busting chops!!! All in all, it was great to meet him and wonderful to purchase some of his great work. My biggest regret was not asking him to sketch a little something for me in my newly started father/son sketch book that I am putting together for my son... oh well, another time. I am sure I will see this talented man again. Please click here to head over to RAK's site and buy some of his cool shit.. and don't forget to tell 'em CCD sent you. Great to meet you Rak... you're the man!!!


  1. That is some awesome unique art on his site.

    Nice work on the interview too!