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October 27, 2010

The Brave & The Bold: The Lost Issues Does The Supernatural Justice

The Brave and The Bold: The Lost Issues is an excellent idea for a blog that is brought to us by Ross. Ross uses MS Paint to take certain aspects of comic covers and come up with team ups for Batman ala the way they used to in DC Comics The Brave & The Bold. At first he only used DC characters from the particular era of the orginal run, but soon after he started popping Marvel characters as well as all other types of cool people from different mediums into the team ups. They are a great quality and look fantastic... and you can view all of his posts by clicking here. Since it is CCD's All Horror Week, I chose to highlght the supernatural type covers that Ross has presented throughout his run. I hope you enjoy them. Please check out Ross, tell em CCD sent you and make some suggestions in the comments section below that you would like to see... we will pass em on to him!!!

70's Ghost Rider & Bats

Gargoyle & Bats

Big Red & Big Blue

Bat... it's whats for dinner in the swamp!!!

This is a cover even Suydam would be proud of!!!

The real Mephisto... not Peter Fonda from Nic Cage's Ghostrider

Real Vampires don't twinkle in sunlight... they try to kill superheroes

Damien Hellstorm, the Son of Satan... badass!!!


  1. One of the coolest websites I have come across in a longgggggg time... this guy Ross is nice with MS Paint!!!

  2. LOVE the Son of Satan one! I wish it were real lol. Son of Satan is my FAVE!