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October 18, 2010

Are You Afraid Of A Zombie Apocalypse? Max Brooks Gives You Some Pointers On How Not To End As Up Dinner...

Last week I posted tons of interviews of great people that we met at the 2010 NYC Comic Con. Lots of great times with wonderful people who afforded CCD the opportunity to become a legitimate (that's debatable) reporters and get some first hand behind the scenes looks at projects we were/are interested in. One of the coolest people I had the chance to meet was Max Brooks, son of comedy legend and director extraordinaire Mel Brooks. Besides being the son of one of my favorite actors ever, he is also a hugely successful author... specifically in the genre of zombie style stories. His books The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z are both huge bestsellers and now they are introducing The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, which is an illustrated account of the real zombie attacks that have happened throughout history (there was a chapter on the in the original Survival Guide).

Brooks was signing his books at the Avatar Press booth and we approached him to purchase a book and get it autographed. I did this despite the fact that I own all of these books already because I had a hidden agenda. As soon as he signed the book (which he signed "Hey Mike, Sharpen The Blades!!!") I asked him if he would do a quick interview with us on camera. He said sure so quick, I almost felt like he said no and got ready to walk away! When I realized he agreed, Sam got the camera up and running and we got this wonderful interview for you guys, in which Brooks talks about his dad, what each book represents individually, the unique audio book cast for World War Z, and the prospects of who will bring World War Z to the big screen. Check it out:


World War Z Movie Concept Art

Wow... just wow. What a cool ass guy. I love the audio book casts quips he made. I am also psyched for this World War Z movie. It's an interesting concept, with a reporter that is supposed to be Brooks interviewing survivors around the world 10 years after a Zombie plague. The star studded crew bringing this one to the screen is to much to ignore. The script was original written by CCD fave J Michael Straczynski, had been re-edited and revised by Matthew Michael Carnahan (Lions for Lambs, State of Play, The Kingdom). It will be directed by Marc Forester (Monster's Ball, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace). But the most intriguing fact is that it is set to star Brad Pitt as the main character. Pitt's Plan B entertainment is producing, and in the clip above Brooks wonders if a beautiful human being such as Pitt should play him in a movie (watch the interview above). Either way, we are psyched to see the flick at some point in the near future. Thanks again Max for taking the time to talk with us... and read the books. You never know when the Zombie scourge may roar its ugly head!!!!!


  1. Max Brooks...what a good sport. I definitely saw some of his fathers wit slipping through. You guys did a great job with this one! Honestly couldn't see an Access Hollywood or G4 show do a better job than this.

  2. These books have been on my reading list for quite some time. So very cool to meet such a humble guy.