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September 29, 2010

Star Wars: Asian Warrior Edition

Artist Steve Bialik & Spoke Editions present his interpretations of what certain Star Wars characters would look like if  they were born in the era of Samurais and Ninjas... and they are awesome. Not only are they phenomenal, but they are for sael... nice! Just click the link above and you will be brought to Spoke Editions Big Cartel page, which is like a marketplace for artists to sell their work. The prints will run you $15 bucks a pop, or six will cost you $75 bucks... not to bad. They are 11x27 prints and are limited, so act fast. I love the way Bialik chose to use fan favorites such as Boba Fett & Admiral Akbar alongside all the rest of the usuall suspects (Luke, Leia, Jabba, Han, Chewy & the Emperor). Here you go... enjoy! Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


Admiral Akbar

Boba Fett

Chewy & Han

The Emperor

 Jabba & Leia

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