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September 8, 2010


Really??? This is the name of a REAL MOVIE, that will be coming out in the next few weeks. Are You kidding me??? THIS is the Title??? Good to know that it will be coming in an uncut format... I was afraid my rape viewing pleasure would only be limited to R rated shenanigans. Thanks to Jeff Bond for pointing this puppy out. Feel free to click the link here to pre-order on Amazon. Also, feel free to leave some kind of hilarious comments on the state of the movie business in relation to this movie title... discuss!!!

Oh yeah... Don't call me Father... Call Me DADDY!!! (This is really the packaging? Really???)


  1. Last night I read on AICN that Uwe Boll has a movie coming out about Auschwitz. The teaser trailer had me thinking that "Auschwitz" is almost certainly the worst notion for a movie, ever. And now, just hours later, you've proven me wrong. Wow.

  2. Here's the plot synopsis....

    "In this extreme sexploitation horror shocker, a psychotic priest travels through a seemingly idyllic suburban landscape and uses his collar to secure the trust of a series of beautiful young women before subjecting these poor beauties to increasingly sadistic bouts of sexual assault. Director Bill Zebub has trimmed all of the filler from the standard serial killer movie and replaced it with a near constant barrage of depraved sexual horror. "Most serial killer films favor soap opera dialogue and speculation-depictions of the killer doing anything but the vile deeds for which he became famous. This movie shows ONLY the deranged part of the serial killer's story." - Bill Zebub WARNING: This film contains graphic nudity and sexual assault and in intended only for mature audiences."

  3. Well now that Machete is done and the Hobo with a shotgun can maybe pick up Kim K and the three of them can go rapist priest hunting. Now we got us a movie. Shock and torture is such the lowest form the auteur can stoop too. It`s so easy to just point a camera at someone and hurt them. Yuck.

  4. I couldn't agree more Kal... and Jaquandor, you make a great point (see thursdays posts!!) As for you Mr. Bond, thanks for filling us in on the plot sysnopsis. One question though: Whats it like to be the focus of a biopic of your life??? LOL.....