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September 24, 2010

OHC of the Day: Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed is the exact reason that I do the OHC (Obscure Hot Chick) feature here at CCD. She has been on the scene for awhile (she debuted in 2003), but despite her familiar face she may be hard for you to remember. She is the muse of director Catherine Hardwick, who helped the then teenage Nikki to write the screenplay for the critically acclaimed Thirteen. Reed stars as Evie, a trouble middle schooler who begins to corrupt good girl classmate Evan Rachel Wood, much to the chagrin of EVR's mom, Holly Hunter. The movie is poignant & extremely controversial, and it was based on Nikki's own wild life. She left her moms house at 14 years old, emancipated, and been independent ever since. She won the Independent Spirit Award for her performance, which put both her and Hardewick on the radar.
Her next role was in Hardewick's epic skateboarding film "The Lords of Dogtown". She also guest starred on the TV show The O.C. alongside  Cam Gigandent and Jackson Rathbone, whose performances must have been noticed by Ms. Hardewick, since she would cast all three in the teen megahit Twilight.
Hardewick got the job to direct the first installment of Twilight, and wasted little time in casting Reed as Rosalie Hale, Edwards sister and according to the books the most beautiful of all female vampires (yeah, I read the books... fuck you, they weren't that bad!). Although Rosalie's role has been small in the first three movies, her importance is about to skyrocket with the final installment, Breaking Dawn.
She also has K-11, a movie with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart and Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame... yes!!!) coming soon. Next up you can see Nikki in Catch .44 with Bruce Willis & Forrest Whitaker & in Chain Letter, a horror film with two of my favorite character actors of all time: Keith David & Clifton Powell!!! This one will be released just before Halloween, and since it has good buzz should be popular in theaters this spook season. So in CCD's estimation, Nikki Reed won't be obscure much longer... did I mention that Ms Reed is also kinda easy on the eyes??? Lol, enjoy the pics...  

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