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September 27, 2010

Hulk Smash CGI... Hulk Want MoCap Suit Now!!!

The first Incredible Hulk we ever got in real life was Lou Ferrigno painted from head to toe in green body paint with a shredded denin shirt and some capri's. The illusion was driven home by the fact that the giant Ferrigno was supposed to be puny Bill Bixby after he transformed in to the Hulk. 20 something years later we got total CGI-ed versions of The Big Green Machine in both the Ang Lee and Louis Letterier movie versions:

Well, now we know just what kind of Hulk we will get in the Avenger's movie which is coming to us in 2012... we will get Mark Ruffalo in a Motion Capture suit. That means they will film him with one of those lightbulb covered suits and then digitize his Hulkiness in later. Joss Whedon will utilize some of the Avatar-esque effects that turned out so well for James "I am the movie Jesus" Cameron. I like Ruffalo as an actor, and I am interested by this tidbit since we will get a sort of mashup between all the versions of The Hulk we have gotten already. This could really put a personality to the transformed side of the character that we have rarely seen outside of the comic book. Ferrigno might have been human, but that dude can hardly speak... and thats probably why they eliminated all emotion from his version. Lets see how it all shakes out. What do you guys think? What version of the Hulk do you want to see in Whedon's Avengers movie? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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  1. I want to see the Hulk from the old 1960s comics, like in Tales to Astonish #64. Not to silent and stupid, yet not to smart and boring. I would also like to see a version of Banner that Bill Bixby portrayed, only named Bruce Banner instead of David Banner.