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August 11, 2010

This Is A Situation Where It Is Appropriate To Use CGI... Nice!!!

Kilowog is so awesome on so many levels, its hard to put it into words. He is one of the many Green Lanterns that patrol and protect the universe, and sepcifically he is the one responsible for training Earth's Lantern Hal Jordan on how to use his power ring properly. Often times people are put off by his ugly pig-like looks, but the dude is an awesome character who is critical in the Green Lantern mythos. In the upcoming GL movie, Kilowog is going to appear... but with a bit of a twist. His character will be completely CGI'ed, which is fine with me. Makeup or a suit will not do his alien features justice, so CGI is the way to go. It's kind of like The Incredible Hulk. This way, they can capture him in his giangantic piglike glory! The first photos of Kilowog were leaked yesterday, and I like what I'm seeing. Tell me what you think of the photos & the upcoming Green Lantern movie in the comment section.

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  1. They can do amazing things with CGI these days so a bad version of Kilowog is inexcusable. I have an idea of how he moves and sounds and if he doesn't call everyone a POOZER I will be quite put out.