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August 11, 2010

New Alternate Ending From 1990 TMNT Live Action Film... Yes Please!

I am big fan of TMNT, the reason being they were the last toys I collected before I went full on into Ninetendo gaming and Rated R movies from the mom and pop video store down the block from my house. i remember when the live action movie came out, and I loved it. After my son Mikey was born, I revisted the movie again when I bought him the DVD box set. He loves it, and so do I. I met TMNT creators Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird last year at the NYC Comic Con, and they were awesome (especially Eastman) and with a new live action movie on the horizon, we get a bit of new material from the original movie. A brand new alternate ending has appeared on a German DVD, and has never been released here in America (not yet anyway). But through the magic of the internet and Youtube, we have the scene for you today. I hope you guys enjoy it... Turtle Power!!!

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