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August 20, 2010

T-Shirt Roundup... Get 'Em While They're Hot!!!

You know we love our T-Shirts here at CCD, so I just thought it was time to bring up some designs that might have flew under your radar... these are the shirts you need to see this week. Lets get it...

First up, we got a shirt from TurtleHead... and this one is a doozy. It's got wolves, keyboards, unicorns, and E.T. flying through the sky...oh my!!! You can grab this crazy combo shirt for 19 bucks cause its on sale. Get over there sooner rather than later.

Next up, TeeFury checks in with role playing themed shirt that shows you what is standing between you and some viscious monsters: A twenty sided die!!! Any shirt that features a twenty side die in the middle gets play over here at CCD. You only got 24 hours on this one, so make it happen. 9 bucks and this baby is all yours. Lets role (hehehe... get it, roll... aw, fuck you guys!)

Everybody who knows me knows how much I love, love, love horror movies. So, by definition, I like horror movie T-shirts even more than usual. Nobody does horror T-shirts better than the boys over at Rotten Cotton, and they have a hell of a selection. I picked an obscure 80's horror flick, Blood Sucking Freaks, to highlight for two reasons. One, I love that movie. Two, I could not believe they had a BSF fucking T-shirt... wow! The T's are around 14.99, and they got hoodies, jackets, and all kinds of cool shit. Check em out!

Thats it for this week. Go get them T's... they never go outta style!!!

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