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August 20, 2010

Now These Are Some Interesting Takes On Star Wars

The ever vigilant Jeffrey Bond has brought to my attention this wonderful re-imagining of Empire Strikes Back in olde time 20's style silent film fashion. They strip down the effects, turned the scene to black and white, and subbed in music and cue cards for the dialogue. The results: Pure brilliance! Check it out:

While I was over at Youtube, I also came across these other similiar styled clips. First up, we got the Anakin and Padame love story, abridged of course.

Next, we get the story of Luke and Leia (with a touch of Han).


Finally, we get a peek into the catina at Mos Eisley back in the 1920's... I wonder if they had Prohibition on Tattooine???

Since all these videos came from Youtube, you never can really tell just who was the originator of the clips. So in that vein, I will just say good work to the people who made these clips.... whoever you may be! I hope you enjoyed Silent Film Star Wars... maybe now you guys can stop with all the prequel hate. (Nah, that aint gonna happen... is it?)

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