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August 9, 2010

Some Cool Tibits From Around The Web

First up, we get a cool "Where's Waldo?" type poster featuring the many characters of Capcom's excellent fighting franchise Street Fighter. Thank you to the wonderful guys at Unreality Mag for uncovering this gem. (Click to enlarge)

Next up, we see he most recent cast from the British sci-fi classic Dr. Who get Simpsonized by the artists over at Springfield Punx. Thanks to the staff at IO9 for filling up my RSS reader with tons of cool shit like this everyday (how many of your guys are there??? Geez, you guys post alot!!!) (Click to enlarge.)

Finally, we get this awesome prediction from 1999 about James Cameron's proposed follow up to Titanic. The boys over at Geekologie tracked down this awesome example of an epic fail... I wish I could see the douche who wrote this up after the fact that Avatar made over 1 Billion Bucks. He was right in the fact that most of the technology had yet to be invented and it would cost booku bucks to make... but he was kinda wrong on the end result, no???

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