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August 11, 2010

OHC Of The Day: Katrina Bowden

Todays Obscure Hot Chick of the Day is fresh faced young lady is the one who provides all the sex appeal on NBC's hit sitcom 30 Rock (seriously, Tracy Morgan's shirtless dancing and nipple grabbing doesn't count). She hasn't been in much besides 30 Rock, but she did have a small role in Sex Drive... which was quite funny. She also had a small reoccuring role on soap opera One Life To Live, and has tons of potential for future projects. She will be starring in the upcoming Horror/Comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, which has gotten great reviews after Sundance and SXSW film festivals. Couple that with her good looks and acting ability (she holds her own against comedic greats Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan & Alec Baldwin) we should see a lot more great performances from her to come. For now, please allow yourself 5 minutes to peruse the 35 or so pics that I have compiled to familiarize yourself with our Obscure Hot Chick of the Day. I do gods work ladies and gentleman... I really do. Please leave some comments below with your thoughts on Katrina, and any other OHC's you would like to see in the future. And  ladies, if you want to see an Obscure Hot Dude of the Day, have at it.... send me 30+ pics of a dude, and I'll post em. i just can't search them out myself... sorry!!!

*** please click READ MORE below to see the rest of Katrina's pics ***


  1. She is quite delicious. To me she looks like the lost Olsen Triplet in every second picture. Cool find.

  2. I thought Olsen twins too haha.