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August 18, 2010

Is TrueBlood The Sexually Freakiest Show On TV... Um, Yeah.

I am of the school of thought that despite the fact that our society is completely desensitized, TrueBlood seems to find new and exciting ways to shock its audience with its sexual antics and over the top situations. Head twisting vamp sex? Check. Werewolf gang rape of willing female werewolf while high on V? Check. Random Bon Temps adults participating in a Roman style fuck- orgy while worshiping an ostrich egg on Sookies front lawn? Check. Tons of uncomfortable gay vamp sex, and come to think of it, uncomfortable regular gay sex between characters who are not supposed to be gay? Check. Down home girl Sookie banging Bill like she is a regular hooch at Lil Wayne's backstage orgies? Check. The sex plays a key role in this show.

With that being said, I am shocked how Alan Ball continues to find ways to make us say "Huh??? Did that just happen???" every week. The cast must be banging each other out... no way they can look this comfortable doing the sick shit they are doing if they weren't intimate with each other. Anyway, now we get Eric, Sookie, and Bill post vamp orgy on the cover of Rolling Stone, naked and bloody.

Holy shit, this show must be fun to work on!!! Anywho, the Rolling Stone cover hits soon and True Blood season 3 is wrapping up in the next few weeks. Keep checking back for Kate Jones and her weekly True Blood recap True Bloody Love. Please leave a comment on what you think the freakiest thing you ever saw happen on True Blood was.

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