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August 9, 2010

Here Is Something You Have To Try...

I have recently returned to NY from my Holiday (wink, wink to my British pals) in the Dominican Republic, and now that I have been back for about a week I am starting to go through a bit of a withdrawal. Yes I miss the tropical sun, the swim up bar, and my main man Eddie (the greatest bartender in the world) getting us fresh coconuts to crack open and drink... but most of all I miss the beer. Brahma beer, to be totally specific. It is the particular beer that had the contract for our resort, and boy was it excellent.  It came in 22 oz bottles, but they served it in 8 oz cups to avoid it getting hot in the son. Most of the group that I went with were beer drinkers, and we were thoroughly satified with the product that was offered. I assumed it was a Dominican Beer, but it is actually Brazilian. I did a bit of research, and is available here in America as well as Europe wherever international beers are sold. I for one will be picking up some 6 packs, and I suggest you do the same. Have a drink for me!!!! 

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