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August 16, 2010

Here Is My List Of My Favorite Actors Playing Batman... Whats Your?

I have a great email list of people that send each other random cool stuff they come across, everyday. Late last week a few of my friend sent around an email asking the question: "Who was your favorite actor to portray Batman?" I love these things because not only do you get a chance to express your opinions but, everyone else expresses theirs... and that's where the arguments usually start!!! I thought long and hard about this list and, after I sent it off, I thought about what a great post it would make. So here is my list of favorite actors playing Batman. Tell us your list in the comment section below.

5) Val Kilmer - Batman Forever

In my opinion, this is the worst depiction of Batman/ Bruce Wayne on the big screen. I know that Batman Forever and Batman & Robin get dismissed for their over the top rediculousness... but thats not my problem with Kilmer at all. I actually like both of those movies for their campiness and fun plots. Sure they are silly, but the villian in this movie is a guy who runs around in green spandex with questionmarks all over his body and another with a face half burnt off due to acid... since when were comics suppose to not be silly and campy? To quote another Batman movie: "Why so serious?" Kilmer is a terrible choice as both Wayne and Batman, especially Wayne. Batman with blonde hair? I don't think so...

4) George Clooney - Batman & Robin

One word: Nipples... the suit has nipples!!! Now I know that is not Clooney's fault, and thats not why he ends up as #4 on this list. Batman & Robin was a craptastic movie, but it is fun and campy in the vein of the 1960's TV show and its good for the kiddies. My son is 7 and I am grooming him to be a lifelong fan of Bats. We saw 'The Dark Knight' when it came out and, in no uncertain terms, Two Face scared the f'n shit outta him. It ruined the whole movie for him. Great to have that dark stuff for us fans, but its good to have the lighter stuff for the kids. As far as Clooney goes, I thought he was a good Wayne (Handsome, aloof, witty) and a decent Batman. He says he never regrets taking the picture because even though it was bad, he accomplished two things: 1) He played Batman, a lifelong dream for him. 2) He made like $3 million for the movie, his biggest payday at that point, and got two other roles immediately following that, propelling him to the superstar status he occupies today. If he don't regret it, why should I???

3) Michael Keaton - Batman (1989), Batman Returns

Hey now, hold up on your hate just a minute. I am a fan of Keaton as Batman. So why is he #3? Well this list is only 5 deep, so he is right in the middle. I loved Batman through the eyes of Tim Burton. 'Batman Returns'... ehh, not so much. I actually hate that fucking movie with a passion. I think its cause I despise Michelle Phifer, or it could be the overall disgusting physical charecteristics of Danny Devito's Penguin. Either way, that movie is a low point for me. But Batman saves Keaton. He is great alongside the scene stealing Jack Nicholson, and holds his own as a new crimefighter trying to get a grip on the crazy world around him. He is a great Bruce Wayne as well, although I always felt he wasn't good looking enough for the part. (What??? Bruce is supposed to be super model handsome... not a category Keaton is often put in) I thought he did a good job, so it comes down to my utter hatred for Batman Returns that sullies his performance. Oh well, this is my list... write your own if you don't like it!

2) Adam West - Batman the TV series, Batman (1966)

I love, love, love the 1960's TV show version of Batman, and here is why: It's a spot on acurate portrayal of Batman up until that era in time. Thats the way the golden age Batman was. Campy, kooky, and lots of Powwww and Zammm captions in the fight scenes. Guys getting knowcked out, not killed. They got the show right with the material they had. Adam West was perfect as Wayne and Batman, and the way he talks down to Robin/Burt Ward is wonderful. I wonder how many time West smacked the little jerk for his "Holy ___ Batman" lines. Also, take into consideration that he shared the screen with some heavyweight actors playing the villians (Ceasar Romero as The Joker, Burgess Meredith as Penguin, Frank Gorshen as The Riddler, Vincent Price as EggHead, etc) and Adam West's performance as the Caped Crusaders stands out even more. Not to mention in the 1966 movie he fought a FUCKING SHARK FOR CHRISSSAKES!!!!! A SHARK!!!!!

1) Christian Bale - Batman Begins, The Dark Knight

Listen, I know that Bale and his whispery voice can be a bit grating. But take into consideration just how great his performances are in these 2 films is, I can deal with it. Nolan's Batman is dark and mysterious, and his films show the more modern, brooding Batman that is occupying the comics over the past 15 years. Bale is a great actor, and his dedication to the physical aspects of the part are phenomenal. Not to mention he is a handsome bastard that is EXACTLY what Bruce Wayne is supposed to be... and when he douches it up, he is wonderful (The scene when he meets Dent at the restaurant... priceless). When you couple him with the great performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker as the complete antithesis of our hero, he shines even brighter. The dude is a complete maniac (did you hear those tapes of him yelling at that production assistant??? Great stuff, very Gibson-esque) and I love him as Bats. Then you have to also consider the two films. Since they are two of the best portrayals of Batman to ever be done (especially 'The Dark Knight') by default Bale gets the crown. No matter how good of a script Nolan and his brother may come up with, Bale still has to bring it to life. He did, and thats why I love him.

Hope you like my list... lets see yours in the comment section below!!!


  1. I like Michael Keaton as Batman. Bale is ok too, but the script got a bit too serious

  2. I can't recall my top 5 when we were emailing back and forth in 2010 but, here's my list now. I wish I could find my initial response to see if it holds up.

    5)George Clooney
    4)Val Kilmer
    3)Christian Bale
    2)Michael Keaton
    1)Adam West

    If anyone finds my response in their email trash. Feel free to forward it back to me.