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August 5, 2010

God I Wish This Would Have Happened...

I was perusing my favorite blogs today now that I have rotated back to the real world from vacation, and I came across a wonderful post by Kal over at The Cave of Cool. Apparently, comic book writer extrodinare Mark Millar started a crazy internet rumor back in 2003 that Orson Welles had wanted to star in his own Batman movie back in the 1940's. Obviously, had a Hollywood bigshot like Welles gave Batman a life on the big screen, comics would have been taken much more serious and comic book movies would have probably been much more prevelant. They even did a mock up of what the movie poster would have looked like featuring Welles in full costume as the Caped Crusader and a look at his rogue gallery:

Holy 5 Star Cast Batman! Basil "Sherlock Holmes" Rathbone as The Joker? James "The Public Enemy" Cagney as The Riddler? Marlene "Hot Piece of Arse" Dietrich as Catwoman? George "Some Like It Hot" Raft as Two Face? Are you kidding me.... this would have fucking rocked!!! Anyway, thanks again Kal for sharing this, no matter how much bullshit it may have been. It would have been pretty cool, no???

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