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August 5, 2010

Books I Absolutely Love - The Old Man And The Sea

I absolutely adore this classic book by Ernest Hemingway. I just re-read it on my vacation in the Dominican Republic (the book is set in the Carribbean, so when in The age old story of the long past his prime fisherman struggling alone on a boat with a humungo sized marlin is wonderfully written and makes me smile when I read it. I read contemporary works, like the books of Dan Brown, Stephen King or Charlene Harris, yet I find myself gravitating to the classics more often because of the poetic nature of their prose. Hemmingway just feels right when you read it... never do I feel like I am laboring through chapters, it just all seems to go so fast. To fast if you ask me. I have never seen the movie adaption from the 1950's (Its on my netflix list, with thousands of other movies!!!) but I would love to see an update to this puppy. Either way, give this American classic a shot. Trust me, you will not regret it. Please leave some comments below, I love to hear your opinions.

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