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July 13, 2010

X-Files + 30 Days of Night = Thank You Lord...

Now this is a crossover I can get behind. IDW comics has thrown two great properties together to come up with an awesome miniseries that starts this month. Steve Niles, the original creator of 30 Days of Night, is teaming up with Tool guitarist Adam Jones... and the results are sure to be frigging awesome!!! Mulder and Scully head up to Alaska to investigate some mysterious "cannibal" killings, and once they get there shit starts bugging out. Who better to handle that kinda stuff then Fox and Dana??? Honestly, I'm just happy to see the X-Files characters being used for something other than another shitty movie with Xzibit. On a side note, I met Niles at the NYC Comic Con last year, and he was one of the most awesome comic book guys I have ever met at a show. Not to mention how great 30 Days of Night and all the sequels that they created were brilliant. I also included two alternate covers for the first issue. Make sure you cop your comics at a mom and pop comic book shop... fuck the huge chains!!!


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