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July 13, 2010

True Bloody Love by Kate Jones - Episode 3.4 - 9 Crimes

Last night, after watching this episode, I liked it. This morning, after thinking about it for a while, I have decided that I loved it. I am not sure that I loved it as much as the first episode of the season, but I certainly loved it more than the last episode. Why, you ask? Well, this episode had a little bit of everything. It had plenty of Eric. It had a major reveal (kinda). It had a sexy dream sequence. It had boobs (no man ass this week). It had Pam. It had Hotshot. But the thing that made this episode the most awesome is that it had Debbie Pelt.

Club Dead Side Note: For those of you who read the books, how different is this Debbie from the one we meet at Josephine’s. Alcide’s Debbie in the books is a crazy, nasty bitch, without any doubt. But she is not addicted to V, she is not a member of the bad guys’ pack and she is not a werewolf. She is a werefox. She also does not get along with Alcide’s sister, Janice. Janice is also more of a good southern girl like Sookie, not a pseudo biker goth girl. The Debbie of the book just thinks that she’s better than everyone else, and she thinks that she can rule over Alcide while doing whatever she wants. Sookie kind of makes Alcide realize that he doesn’t have to do that. That makes Debbie angry, and CCDers, we do not like Debbie when she is angry!

But away from Debbie for now! Lets start this recap with the less exciting aspects of the show and move forward.

There is a lot of drama going on around Merlotte’s right now, though I’m not so sure I like any of it. Maybe it will eventually lead up to something good, but I just don’t know. Pregnant Arlene is storming around like the Gestapo, mad that she’s the only reliable waitress, and because her hormones are going kooky. Also, she hasn’t told Sam that she’s pregnant, though I am not sure why. Sam seems to be a pretty understanding boss and friend. He is even willing to let his white trash parents sleep in their van in his parking lot, even though he caught his brother trying to steal from him. Sam seems to sympathize with his brother, and when he finds him sleeping naked in the woods, they have a heart to heart. Sam tells him he knows that he didn’t have much of a chance with his parents and that he would be willing to help him out. He gives his birth family a place to live as long as they agree not to steal or drink. They agree.

Also, Sam hires Jessica to be Merlotte’s hostess (she can’t be a waitress because she isn’t 18! Hilarious!). Arlene isn’t happy about that because she likes being the only redhead, but whatever. Jessica also runs into a boy that she had gone to bible camp with. She glamours him into forgetting that he saw her, so that no one else from wherever they are from figures out that she is a vampire. Of course Hoyt sees her smiling and laughing at the boy and assumes that she is now dating him, or whatever, and this makes Hoyt sad.

Also, in or around Merlotte’s, Jason is feeling sorry for himself while he is watching the “fucktard” high school quarterback who is about to break Jason’s passing record. This made Jason start to feel like his existence wasn’t important. Of course, this is at the same exact time that the cops of Renard Parish are having a retirement party for Bud Dearborn, who names Andy Bellefleur his successor.

I actually really loved Jason’s exchange with the QB, Kitch Maynard, and his girlfriend Tammy. Jason goes on about how he would have made out with Tammy under the bleachers in his day, and how sooner or later, Kitch would realize that his record will only be broken in the future and he won’t always be able to get free beer and blowjobs… sorry, Tammy…everywhere he goes. Jason is reflecting on how he used to be and how he feels completely worthless now that he’s in his late 20’s and has accomplished nothing.

Of course, now that Andy is Sheriff, Jason decides to blackmail him into making him a deputy, without having to go through all the tests and paperwork that were driving him crazy in last week’s episode. It looks like Andy is probably going to go for this. Since Jason has the attention span of a goldfish, I think this is a good idea. It shouldn’t be long before he decides to follow a different path.

Now onto the important stuff. Everybody else’s storylines seem to be at least slightly intermingling.

After the fight in Lou Pine’s, Sookie is cleaning Alcide’s wound. You can see a lot of affection between these two already. She is tenderly cleaning the cut on his back and listening to how his fiancĂ© left him and why he doesn’t understand it. It is at this moment that Sookie’s phone rang and we were given the best Bill and Sookie exchange ever.

Sookie: Bill, are you hurt. I know the werewolves have you.
Bill: Nobody has me. I have left my life in Bon Temps. And I am leaving you.
Sookie: Shut the fuck up. (Awesome delivery, Anna Paquin)
Bill: Sookie…
Sookie: The last time I saw you, you asked me to marry you.
Bill: You did us both a favor by NOT saying yes.
Sookie: You have to say that. Someone is listening.
Bill: Lorena, actually. To whom I have just made love.
Lorena: Ca Va, Sookie?
Bill: We fucked like only two vampires can. I didn’t hold back for fear of hurting her like I do with you. (Awesome delivery, Stephen Moyer!)
Sookie: Bill…
Bill: Look at your life since I entered it. I’ve only caused you pain.
Sookie: That’s not true.
Bill: I am death. I will bring you only suffering. Our worlds are too different, our natures too. We were doomed from the start.
Sookie: I don’t believe you.
Bill: Believe what you want. You are no longer of concern to me. Do not try to find me. I do not wish to be found.

Okay, so lets dissect this a little bit. First of all, Sookie saying something like “Shut the fuck up.” was just hilarious. This is a girl who just said, “Holy S.” three episodes ago when she saw Eric super sexing Yvetta. Now here she is, totally shocked over the great love of her life breaking up with her, and she has no problem dropping an F-bomb.

Also, though Bill was pretty convincing, the whole time he seemed to be convincing himself that this was all for the best. We know he doesn’t mean most of what he says, but is he really doing all of this for his and Sookie’s good? Or is it all just to protect the queen? Obviously he doesn’t care about protecting Sophie-Anne so much, because he told King Russell that she is behind Eric selling V. I’m a little confused as to where all this is going.

Sookie starts crying after Bill hangs up with her and Alcide is comforting her, especially after hearing that Bill was her first love. Sookie comments on how warm Alcide is (werewolves run HOT! Yeah, baby!) and how she isn’t used to it, because vampires skin is so cold. For a minute, it looks like Alcide and Sookie are going to kiss, but they don’t. Instead, Alcide gets a shirt and stays in bed with Sookie to make her feel better. While in bed, Sookie gets a call from Tara, who is being glamoured by Franklin still. He is trying to get Tara to get Sookie to tell her where she is. Sookie doesn’t want to bother Tara, though, says she’s been through enough lately and hangs up. Franklin is annoyed, and Tara becomes unglamoured, but Franklin quickly catches her as she’s running and takes a bite out of her neck.

Next time we see Tara she is tied up in the bathroom, and it is daytime. Lafayette is calling to tell her that she can have his car because he’s driving the fancy new one that Eric gave him. Not for nothing, if I were Lafayette, I would be knocking down Sookie’s door looking for Tara, considering she just tried to kill herself. She should answer every call you make to her, crazy! Now, maybe she is sick of being called a hooker, but I don’t think that’s it! She has, once again, gotten herself in to some shit! Someone should be watching this girl on a constant basis!

Anyway, Franklin comes back for her, tells her he has been lonely but he won’t be anymore, now that he has her. He packs her up and brings her to King Russell’s house. Talbot calls her skinny… and that’s that for Tara and Franklin this episode. I guess it is safe to assume that he is working for Russell, but I wonder why.

Now back to Sookie’s bedroom in Alcide’s house. Sookie wakes up and Eric is floating outside her bedroom. Sookie is shocked to see him there and asks if all vampires can fly. Eric sarcastically asks if all humans can sing. Sookie replies, “Are you kidding? I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.” Eric smiles at her.

Now this is why I love Sookie. I love her innocence and her simplicity. I love that she isn’t really educated, but she is smart. I love that she can say things like that, or “save your drama for your mama” or “I don’t have a nutsac” and not seem like a totally clueless moron. She is not the perfect woman. She has flaws. She may not always say or do the right thing, but she is open-minded, and has good intentions and she is kind. She can love and she can be loved. She is not like that dumbass Bella from Twilight who is a total freaking victim all the time!

Anyway, Sookie lets Eric in and it is pretty obvious from the get go that this is a sexy dream sequence. I, however, thought it was going to be Sookie’s. She’s all sad about Bill and a nice dream about Eric should make her feel better, right? Anyway she starts telling him that he smells like the Ocean in the winter and Eric is looking at her with so much tender emotion I almost can’t believe that it is the same Eric Northman. She then pushes him down and disrobes (whoa, Anna Paquin has been working out!) and “says I’ve got skills you can’t even dream of cowboy.” Just as it seems as if they are about to do the nasty, Yvetta snaps ERIC out of it. That’s right! Eric was having sexy dreams about Sookie. I wish Eric would have sexy dreams about me!

Anyway, Sookie wakes up at Alcide’s and still wants to go find Bill, but Alcide wants no part of Debbie’s engagement party. Alcide does make a call to his sister, though, to help Sookie look the part. Janice looks like a total party girl, but she is so happy to see Sookie, hoping that Alcide is finally over Debbie. Sookie fishes around in Janice’s mind and finds out that Debbie is actually not engaged but is getting initiated in to the V addicted werewolf pack, and that she is also hooked on blood. Janice also makes Sookie look like a biker, Goth chick to fit in at Lou Pines a little better.

Sookie tells Alcide that Debbie is addicted to V, and convinces him that he could turn her around. When they get to the club, Debbie immediately recognizes Sookie as an outsider, and Alcide tells her that Sookie is with him. While she is obviously jealous of the Sookster, she is too wrapped up in her V addiction to really care. She tells Alcide that he should stay and watch as she gets branded. She is stripped and carried up to the stage where KING RUSSELL comes out and feeds all the werewolves his blood after talking to them in German. Then, she is branded with the Project Werewolf brand and Cooter (hehe Cooter), Debbie’s boyfriend, comes up, strips down and turns into a wolf. All of a sudden, everyone else starts turning too and Alcide tells Sookie to run for the hills.

Now lets go back to Bill a bit. After getting off the phone with Sookie, Lorena talks about how great their sex was, and Bill says that he’s glad that someone enjoyed it (ohhh, burn!). She goes on about how happy they will be now that they are together again, but Bill is pretty forward about the fact that he hates her. I think he shows this when he punches her in the face so hard that she went flying out of his room. He also burned his hands on the silver doors just so he could be rid of her.

Next, we see Bill talking to King Russell. He tells him that he was a procurer for Sophie-Anne but that he was on sabbatical in Bon Temps when he was dating Sookie. He also tells the king that Eric is dealing V and that he is pretty sure that it is at the behest of Sophie-Anne. The king thinks that this is great information to have on Sophie and Eric and that they should go celebrate. Bill first says that since he is risking his life for the king, the king needs to get rid of Lorena for Bill soon. The king looks kind of incredulous, but looks like he will give Bill what he wants.

Ohh, I almost forgot about Lafayette. After he left Tara a message, he took a ride in to 'Hotshot' to try to sell the V to the people who were arrested for drug dealing in Episode 2. We got another peak at Calvin and Crystal Norris, though they weren’t really identified. The Hotshot crew didn’t really want to work with Lafayette and attacked him, but Eric swept in to save the day. He also convinced them to buy the V before saying,

“That’s how you close the deal. Come on, RuPaul.”

Lafayette’s little satisfied smile was so funny after all that.

While they are driving, Eric gets a call from Pam who says that Fangtasia is being raided by the Magister and his cronies. They quickly find the hidden vampire blood. Pam thinks that Eric should make a run for it. Obviously, the king must have called something in right after Bill told him what was going on. Eric flies out of Lafayette’s car.

Lafayette: “Oh hell, how am I supposed to deal with this fuckedupness?”

Eric gets to Fangtasia, where the Magister is torturing Pam with silver for information (obvious example of Eric’s Den of Pleasure/Torture leaning towards the torture side). You can see that Eric is in pain watching his child hurt. Eric says that he is being set up, and Pam says that Bill Compton is the one setting them up. The Magister gives them two days to find evidence and prove it.

Bill is sent by King Russell to procure some dinner in a strip club. Bill finds a beautiful, lonely stripper girl and brings her out to the limo, where he, Russell and Lorena all chow down.

What did you guys think? How did you like this episode? Do you like where the season’s going? What do you think can possibly happen next?

I want to give some props to J. Bond who saw the bar name, Lou Pines, and saw the connection to the word lupine, which means, “wolf-like.” He also connected it to Harry Potter’s Professor Lupin. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to compare any single life situation to Harry Potter so bravo, Jeff!

I will be back in a few weeks! Until then, enjoy True Blood!


  1. Great recap. There seems to be A LOT of different things going on at once this season. It all makes my head swim. the way you separate it so that I can understand... It's like 'True Blood: For Dummies' i.e. Me! Thanks for that!

    Anyhoo, with all that's going on I'm confident most of these, seemingly, unrelated story lines are going to all merge together at some point so I'm doing my best to stick with it all.

    Some things I wanted to comment on/ask you about are:

    -Fat chance that Sam's family are all just gonna go straight for him. I'm bracing myself for them to fuck shit up for him in a major way. Once a fucktard always a fucktard! Haha

    -I loved it when Eric got the news about the raid at 'Fangtasia' and flew out Lafayette's ride...and also when he was flying outside Sookie's window in his daydream (nightmare?). I'm assuming vampires really can do that flying shit even though it was a just a dream for him. I dig all the smaller vampire werewolf stuff. The little things...the rules about how shit works. I'm curious as to what would happen if Eric sits down and just eats a huge ham sandwich. Does it not digest and corrode in his stomach for decades? Does he have to get his stomach pumped? Maybe I'm a little simple like that but I like to wonder about all the minor minutia. Are there any non-spoiler small rules like that from the books that you could tell me about?

    -Thank god for Anna Paquin and her 'Victoria Secrets'. Broad has the face of a Treasure Troll but, a slammin' little body. Need more Lorena in lingerie, though, please. :)

    -I'm witchu in thinking that Bill is probably b.s.-ing most of this for Sookie's sake but, it seems like he's starting to go a little too far to be able to win ME back over when this is all said and done. Feeding on that girl, that type of's not his usual m.o. and I dunno if I'll be able to just forgive and forget so easily once this is all over. He's got some 'splainin' to do!

    -I'm assuming 'King Russell' supplying the werewolves with his blood is just as bad as Eric and Sophie Ann selling theirs to the masses. No?

    Have fun! answer my questions when you can pleeeeease.

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  3. As the series goes on, you find out more and more rules about the supernatural. I can't go into too many of the no-nos, but generally, all supernatural creatures distrust each other. In fact, most packs within the supernatural community don't really like other packs. For example, Alcide's pack, the Long Tooth, make Sookie a friend of their pack. They then can fight other weres in her protection. They don't side with vampires, pretty much ever, but do in Sookie's protection.

    As for the vampires, they have a lot of rules. One that isn't so spoilery is about Vampire Royal Marriages. The King of Mississippi and the Queen of Louisiana can marry if they wish to combine or strengthen their kingdoms. I think that this marriage is valid for something like 20 years. They do not have to live together, but they do need to visit each other once or twice a year. Vampires rarely marry for love (Lorena and Bill were never married) and generally vampires are bad long term mates for each other. There are exceptions of course, but not many.
    Vampires are also not supposed to kill other vampires and can be punished for this. I will let you know more as we go along.

    Eric can fly, but not all vampires can. Sometimes a vampire has a special gift. I can't remember about food though. I think I read somewhere that if a vampire eats food, they will become extremely ill, but I can't remember if that was in this series or another. I will double check.

    Bill does a lot of morally obscure things this season, but I can not tell you what happens there!!!

    Oh yes... what Russell is doing may even be worse then what Eric and Sophie-Anne are doing because he's giving the blood to werewolves, and basically using them to create an army. That is VERY, VERY bad.