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July 2, 2010

NetFlix Streaming Picks of the Weekend - 7/2/2010

One of the coolest parts of subscribing to NetFlix is the live streaming option. Not only are you able to recieve the discs at your home, but using all sorts of devices (Wii, XBox 360, PS3, Blu-Ray Players, Computers, etc.) you can stream 1,000's of titles instantly to your TV. Every week, I will give you 3 recommendations on some great stuff for you to catch. Just drop these titles into our Instant Que and you will never wonder what you should pick to watch again. Enjoy!!! 

Pick #1 - Bronson - This movie about a convict who was supposed to be in jail for a short stretch and ended up being a lifer is fantastic. Ulrta violent and awesome, a great British import.

Pick #2- Prison Break Season 1 - One of the coolest things about the Netflix Instant Streaming is the TV shows. I'll admit I didnt watch this show when it was on, but I tried it out this week and finished Season 1 & 2 (22 episodes each) in 3 days. This show is great. Nice tats Mr. Scofield...

Pick #3- The House of the Devil - This Ti West directed horror movie may only be a year old, but you could sub it in with an 80's horror classic and no one would be able to tell. It looks and feels like the good old days of horror. If you like the O.G. horror films, this is a newbie for you to check out

See you next week with some more picks... happy viewing!!!

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