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July 19, 2010

A Look At Batman in the 1940's Pt.2 - Batman's Rogue Gallery

... and now for the bad guys!!! Like most comic book fans, I love my heroes... Batman more then anyone. But I really love the bad guys... they are the ones who make heroes even greater!!! This is the companion post to Simon Pimpernel's excellent Batman pulp-style creations, and it features the Bad Guys of Gotham. Thanks to my north of the border brother Cal  for putting me on to this wonderful artist. Check out Pimpernel's blogspot page here for more of his artistic creations. Which ones do you like the best???Who did he leave out that you would like to see??? Leave some comments below, and make sure you check out the links above cause my recommendations are always on point.... hehehehe!!!!


Mr. Freeze

The Penguin

The Riddler

Killer Croc

Harley Quinn

Black Mask

The Reaper

Two Face


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