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July 19, 2010

A Look At Batman In The 1940's Pt. 1 - The Good Guys of Gotham

My boy Cal posted some wonderful pulp-style pictures of Wonder Woman from an artist by the name of Pimpernel (you can check out his blogspot page by clicking his name) last week. After some further inspection into his Deviant Art Portfolio I came across his series of Batman in the 1940's pictures and I was blown away. I know my boy Sam James is going to flip out over these drawings!!! First up I am sharing the Good Guys of Gotham. To me, this is whats great about blogging and the internet. I saw Cal's post, was intrigued, did more research, and then came up with a post of my own... exposing all of my readers to this great artist. It's a win for everybody. Cal sees that I read his post and looked more into the links in it, the artist gets more recognition and exposure from yet another post of his great work, and you guys get some great Batman fan art... keep the chain going and pass it on!!! Check out Pimpernel's two links above, look at all his great work, and share the story on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc... and leave some comments with which ones are your favorite or what characters that are missing that you want to see in the comment section below. Enjoy!!! 




Jim Gordon

Check out Part 2, The Villians of Gotham....

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