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July 20, 2010

Check Out Diablo Cody's Web Show....

A red band trailer is a completely unedited version of a film trailer that has gained lots of popularity over the past few years as a way for questionable content to be part of a coming attraction. Historically, trailer are edited to be curse and nudity free, so that they can be showed on regular TV and at the beginning of movies in the theater. But lately, filmmakers are making additional trailers that contain questionable content and coarse language... and usually this material is made public on the internet. Since most trailer surfing is taking place on the net... well, its pretty reasonable to say that red band trailers have become very popular.

So, what does this have to do with Diablo Cody??? Well, the script writer of Jennifer's Body and Juno, as well as the creator of The United States of Tara, has a long history of side projects. Her whole career was launched as a blogger, and recently she has started a YouTube interview series where she sits down with someone famous one-on-one and shoots the shit with them.... no holds barred. She starts off with actor Adam Brody, who was in Jennifer's Body & Late Night TV host Chelsea Handler, who happens to be Cody's  husbands boss (he works for her show). The clips are great, especially when Brody rips K-Stew, Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame, for complaining about being famous. I am looking forward to future guest she will have and topics they will discuss. I have included the two episodes below, and you can subscribe to the Red Band Trailer channel on Youtube here. Who do you guys want to see her interview next??? What would you ask that person??? Tell us in the comment section below. Enjoy

Adam Brody

Chelsea Handler

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