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June 24, 2010

You Got The Wrong "Mc" For The Part....

Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel universe, has always been a favorite character of mine. I don't know if it was the twists of magic that made me like his stories so much, or the fact that he looked exactly like Vincent Price (somebody I always was a fan of)... or maybe it was that gangsta ass high collared cape the good doctor rocks... I don't know. Although his appearance has changed over the years, the character has always been smack in the middle of all the goings on in the world of Marvel.

 This week has been a hectic one for the film world of the Marvel universe. Apparently there has been some talks of doing short films of some of Marvel's second tier characters to put in front of the tentpole releases like Captain America and Thor. This way they don't have to invest 100 million dollars to see if people want a Iron Fist or Black Panther full length film. Right away, people put the Doctor on this list. But now there are grumbles about Dr. Strange getting the full fledged film treatment... and they got an idea of who they should cast.

Apparently the powers that be what a doctor to play the Doctor... or at least an actor that has played one on TV. You see, they want to cast Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy to play the role of the majestic magician. Now, I am a huge fan of Grey's, and I think Dempsey has grown into a high quality actor after being a teen star (that doesn't happen often)... but I think they got the wrong guy for the role. Instead of Dempsey, they don't have to look far at all. Dempsey's cast mate and fellow doctor on Grey's Anatomy, Eric "McSteamy" Dane, is the man for the job.

Physically, Dane is perfect for the part. He's got the facial hair, the build, and the arrogance that Dr. Strange possessed before he became the enlightened practitioner of magic. So, listen up Marvel... right church, wrong pew. Stay at Seattle Grace, and get us the right doctor for the job!!! If we hear anything we will keep you posted. But before we go... who do you think should play Dr. Strange? Tell us in the comment section below... we're waiting!!! 


  1. I don't really know how to feel about this. Dempsey as a super hero? I just don't see it.

  2. Patrick Dempsey, eh? You better step it up a notch. Last time I saw him he was a pizza delivery boy banging cougars in 'Loverboy'.

  3. Nah, he really has become a good actor. He is great on Grey's, and that show is phenomenal and has a great cast. I just think Dane would be better suited for the part... or someone alltogether different.

  4. I feel you on this one Mike! If you watch the last animated movie Marvel did for Doctor Strange, you can completely but Eric Dane as the character. He's definately got the swagger to match the Doc when he was a douche, and could pull off the transformation too.