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June 24, 2010

Two Shows You Should Check Out This Summer...

The spring TV season has come to an end, and in years past that would mean plenty of re-runs for us to enjoy over the summer months. It's like TV programmers want people to stop watching TV for June, July and August and then come back like loyal dogs in September for the fall lineup. But lately, summer programming on the old "boob tube" has become better and better. The networks are using this time to test shows out, and are even acknowledging that the summer is an important season to come out on top of the ratings chart. There are two shows that just started, and I watched the first episodes of both... and I enjoyed them immensely.

The first of the shows is ABC's new horror/thriller show, The Gates. At first glance, it seems like another show trying to capitalize on the "Vampire" trend. But this is not the case... well, not really. There are vampires on The Gates. But there are also werewolves, witches, and god knows what else inside this gated community. And this gated community has got some high tech security and a fully functioning downtown area so that all the residents can stay inside and never have to leave. Throw in the mix a new chief of police, who is relocating from Chicago and a highly debated murder of a criminal, and we have ourselves a show. Is the gated community to keep the monsters out... or keep the monsters in? And whats with all the rules for monsters that do reside there? Hot piece of ass Rhona Mitra is the biggest name in this show, and she looked good as shit in the first episode. Thats reason enough to check this one out. It airs Sundays @ 10pm on ABC, and you can catch the first of it here.

The second show is a new cop program on TNT. It's called Memphis Beat, and stars Jason Lee as a detective with a bit of a quirky side. He likes to dress up like Elvis... so, thats not so bad, is it. I watched the first episode last night, and I loved it. Alfre Woodard stars as his superior officer, making this her second show on TV this summer (she is also on True Blood). They have a dynamic relationship. The show also features uber-geek DJ Qualls, who stars as a young deputy who idolizes Lee. I am a huge Jason Lee fan, ever since his days of starring in Kevin Smith movies. Memphis Beat airs on Tuesday nights @ 10 pm. You can catch the first episode here. 

So there you go... only 1 show in for each of these, so don't start sending me hate mail if they suck balls. Enjoy the summer and get outside... but then come back to watch the tube!!!

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