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June 23, 2010

True Bloody Love by Kate Jones - Episode 3.2 - Beautifully Broken

Look, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always found that the second episode of any season usually sucks compared to everything else that happens. If that is the case with “Beautifully Broken” then we must know that we are in for something spectacular this season.

The opening scene saw Bill with an ear in his mouth! Obviously this guy got his strength back after drinking some 80-year-old poorly oxygenated blood. I wonder if there is any difference between old blood and young blood, French blood and Chinese blood… obviously there is something good about Thai blood, but we’ll get to that later on. Anyway, Bill is kicking some major werewolf ass and up rides The King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, on a horse and in full riding gear. Are all vampire royalty totally freaking eccentric, or what? This guy and his riding; Sophie-Anne and her Yahtzee… a little kooky, right? Anyway, Russell saves one of the last werewolves, Cooter, who definitely has the worst name ever for a badass biker werewolf, and shoots the one with the missing ear after finding out that they drank from “his guest.” Apparently they were only supposed to be bringing Bill to him, not drinking the sacred stuff.
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Bill hops on Russell’s horse and the king brings him to his home. Talbot, Russell’s life partner (also a vampire), shows up to bring Bill to his room, which has a silver door. If you had any thoughts that Bill would be able to leave, this made it totally obvious that as nice as the King and his man were treating Bill, he was still a prisoner.


Talbot told Bill that his bed once belonged to Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian Countess who is known as one of the most prolific female serial killers in history. Her and four collaborators were said to have been responsible for over 600 deaths of girls and young women. Rumor has it she was bathing in the blood of virgins in order to retain her youth and beauty. Vampire enthusiasts consider her legend to be up there with Vlad the Impaler in where the idea of vampires comes from.

Bill attends dinner with Russell and Talbot, where they dine on gourmet blood (Talbot excuses himself to drain a Thai boy for their second course of Blood Bisque infused with Rose Petals.) The King then tells Bill why he dragged him there. Russell wants to marry Queen Sophie-Anne so that he can also rule over Louisiana and Mississippi. Greedy much, vampire king? He believes that Bill has Sophie-Anne’s ear, believing it to be obvious that he is working for her in Bon Temps, dating a waitress. Bill gets up to leave and Russell threatens to hurt Sookie if he doesn’t comply, making Bill want to kick some royal ass. Talbot believes this to be romantic, but then… Lorena, Bill’s maker, shows up and says that he’s delusional, not romantic. Bill totally hating on his former lifemate, throws a lantern at her and sets her on fire. I am betting she survives though. Is Lorena there to help Russell, or is it the other way around? Was this plan all orchestrated by Lorena to get Bill away from Sookie?

As soon as Sookie and Jessica find the Operation Werewolf symbol, they go straight to Eric to tell him! I love that he is a series regular. I really, really do! He obviously recognizes the symbol but tells Sookie to stay away from werewolves, calling them territorial, vicious and secretive and that her life is too valuable to be thrown away. Sookie becomes emotional, telling Eric that Bill is everything to her. When she starts crying, Eric asks her to stop, saying that when she does that, it makes him feel “disturbingly human.” It is clear that Eric is physically and emotionally attracted to Sookie. Is this all because of the blood connection, or is there something more there?

Sookie leaves to make sure that Jessica gets home before dawn, and gets home to find Jason in her house. Jason has been unable to sleep since killing Eggs, and decided that he would go to Sookie’s to start cleaning the house, knowing that his grandmother would be “doing handstands in her grave” if she saw her family home looking the way it does. Sookie then tells Jason all about Bill’s kidnapping and the werewolves. Jason cannot believe that there are werewolves and asks Sookie if Big Foot and Santa Claus are real also? Sook reels him back in by saying how helpless she was feeling and then does a perfect imitation of Stephen Moyer’s “Sookie” growl (saying she just wants to hear Bill say it). Jason says that he will ask Andy for some help and, in a completely adorable brother-sister scene, says to let him worry about Bill for her a little while; after all, it is just the three of them in the family once Sook marries him. It is nice to see the usually selfish Jason taking some of the weight off of Sookie for a change.

Sookie goes to work and hears some creep thinking about grabbing her. She turns around to see a big scary biker looking guy who MUST be a werewolf. Terry comes out of the kitchen and he and Sook go to look for the guy and discover human tracks, and wolf tracks, as well as some clothes. Terry tells Sookie to look after herself because, “I’d miss you if you got killed,” and gives her a gun for protection. He also asked Sook to put a good word in for him with Arlene, and Sookie said that he should tell her himself. Way to show your gratitude there, Miss Thing!

After Sookie leaves Fangtasia, we are taken via Eric’s gorgeous vampire eyes to World War II Germany, where Eric and Godric, hiding in the ceiling, watch a Female Werewolf attack an American soldier. The vampires, dressed in Schutzstaffel (Nazi uniforms), attack the wolf, who tells them that they are on the same side. Obviously, Eric does not agree and attacks. Eric asks her who her master is, and she says that she will tell him if he lets her drink from him. Eric, against Godric’s advice, allows her to drink from his wrist, and she tells him that her master is a vampire. She then breaks away from the knives holding her to the wall and tries to kill Eric, but Godric quickly breaks her neck. Godric then tells Eric to have control over his emotions and have patience because they will find “him.”

Sookie & Eric:
Eric decides to explain Operation Werewolf to Sookie. They are well-organized and fueled by V. Eric believes that he is risking everything by telling Sookie this. He doesn’t care what happens to Bill, but he owes Sookie and wants to keep her safe. He tells her that he will be staying with her and that she should invite him in, either to protect her or have “passionate primal sex.” Sookie says she is still Bill’s (BOOOOOO, Sookie! BOOOO.) He glimpses the ring on her finger and says, “So you are.” Sook then explains that he can’t be trusted. Eric is complex, he is self-serving one minute, and compassionate the next, and Sookie doesn’t know what to make of this. However, this conversation means nothing, because within seconds, Eric hears something in the house and forces Sookie to invite him in. There is a werewolf inside and Eric is about to tear his ass up when Sookie shoots Terry’s gun.

Jessica & Pam:
While Sookie and Eric talk privately in Fangtasia, Jessica and Pam go to look at themselves in the mirror. Jessica asks Pam how you feed from humans without killing them and what to do if you DO accidentally kill them. Pam must have said something about a chainsaw because Jessica goes to rent one. When she comes back from the store the body is gone. Who got rid of the body? I have one solid guess, and that guess is…

Franklin Mott:
Welcome to True Blood, Forny from 'Where the Heart Is'. You are significantly more badass in this gig! We don’t know much about this guy yet, but we know that he was in Bill’s house and that he found a file on Sookie that dates back to when she was a kid. We also know that he loves him some violence, which I will catch you up on in the next section…

Tara & Lafayette:
Lafayette gets to Tara before she can swallow any pills and throws her in the car to take her to a hospital. She convinces him not to bring her to a hospital, but does bring her to the Meadowglade Psychiatric Clinic, where his mother, Ruby Jean, has been for a while. She is clearly crazy and mean, calling her son a faggot that God killed, and also saying that her caregiver, Jesus, is a Mexican, but he hasn’t raped her yet.

Lafayette tells Tara that all of the questionable things that he does (selling V and his body) are to pay for his mother to stay at this clinic. He tells Tara to be strong, because she is all that he has left. He has to go to work, and Tara goes with him. While she is drinking at the bar, Franklin Mott strikes up a conversation with her. She later is sitting outside with a bottle of Wild Turkey and sees some redneck’s pissing on the spot where Eggs was killed. She goes after them, punches one, and then Mott comes out and holds the other while Tara beats on him. Franklin Mott’s fangs shoot out as Tara is beating the crap out of this guy. The first thing I thought was, “Man, this guy loves violence,” the next was, “Is his fang crooked?”

Jason goes to ask for Andy’s help about Bill’s kidnapping and sees that the entire town is worshipping him over shooting Eggs. Jason gets a little drunk while Andy gives him a pep talk, which included that line that Jason is “prettier than most girls.” Drunk Jason says that Andy is his best friend (how different is THIS storyline from the book?) and Andy tells him that is just sad. Still, Andy will not let Jason drive home drunk and puts him in his police car. Andy gets a call saying that there is a drug bust in progress in Hot Shot (!!!) and Jason will have to take the ride there with him. While in Hot Shot we are introduced to Calvin Norris (who is a minor character in the book, but consistently used) and, a crying blond, that I know HAS to be Crystal Norris. People who read the books know who she is. Those of you who haven’t will soon find out. Jason is mesmerized by her, but she runs away from him. Jason then tackles one of the drug dealers as he tries to get away. This, I am guessing, will bring some sort of a heroic feeling to Jason, helping him get over killing Eggs. It’s about time we move past that storyline a little bit.

Terry & Arlene:
I really loved the scene where Terry tells Arlene why he could be around her kids. Only he can pull off saying he received a diploma from Anger Management class and nurtured and raised a baby armadillo. He is another minor character in the books that has been developed really well on the small screen!

For those of you who do not hate this storyline as much as me, I am sorry in advance for being condensed and unenthusiastic. I just find this part almost painful to watch. This upsets me, because I love Sam’s character. I guess the show isn’t perfect.

Sam wakes up with a gun to his face and Tommy brings him in to his parents. Sam tells them that they met 34 years earlier and his mother puts it all together. She explains that she was 16 when she gave him up and that she thought the Merlotte’s could give him a better life. Sam explains that he went through his first shift completely confused and that they should’ve thought about that. Tommy gets all angsty and runs out of the house. Sam and him decide to go for a run in Shifter form. Sam turns in to his favorite Collie and Tommy turns into a Pitbull. Then Tommy stops in front of a car, getting Sam to stop also, before turning in to a bird, hoping the car would hit Sam.

So what did you all think? Are you hoping, as much as I am, that Sam will get back in his truck and go back to Bon Temps ASAP? Will the story be moving beyond Jason killing Eggs and Jessica killing that trucker? I hope so because these characters are awesome and need some new storylines and further character development! What is Franklin Mott doing in Bon Temps? Is he a good vamp or a bad vamp? What does he want with Tara? What is Lorena doing in Mississippi? When will we see Eric naked again? Hopefully some of these questions will be addressed in next week’s awesome looking episode! Until then, please make sure to become a follower of C-C-D and comment on my recap below. I True Bloody Love you all!


  1. Great write up again, Katers.
    I got a few questions/comments for ya'

    I love that there maybe this whole back story as to why Bill Compton is all up on Sookie. Why's he been stalking her?! (You might wanna keep that a secret if you already know, bookworm!)

    How the hell is Bill Compton making his money, again? Did he inherit that huge house and money or something? I can't recall.
    I'm beginning not to like this Bill Compton!

    Nazi Werewolves?! Yes please!

    I thought the same thing when I saw that new vampire's teeth come out. I think the actors prosthetics fell out or something...either that or he needs some major dental work done

    These new storylines are getting great. I think the should deputize Jason, he needs more of a calling.

    Note to 'True Blood' Execs:More hot women please! I need to see that Lorena with A LOT less clothing...what a firestarter! MEE-YOWZERS!

  2. Bookworm secrets aside.

    There is a lot to think about with Bill. Don't forget that when he visited the Queen during Season 2, the Queen's lady friend, Hadley, asks Bill how her cousin, Sookie, is.

    From what we know, Bill got the house in Bon Temps after The Great Revelation. There were no other known, living descendants to inherit it, so he claimed it. Maybe there could have been some vampire mumbo jumbo, but who knows.

    In the book, Bill is really good with computers, and makes some money that way. That's all I will say on that matter, just in case they actually explore this on the show