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June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 Is The Place To Be

Over the weekend I went to the movies. I wanted to see Get Him To The Greek, and had no problem getting tickets... because everybody at the theater was there to see Toy Story 3. Holy shit... I never really thought of the massive appeal that this movie is going to have. All the children who were youngsters when the first two came out are in their 20's now, so they are going to want to see how Andy and the gang end up. Then you factor in all the young children now who love Woody and Buzz and are dragging their parents to see the movie, and you get one ecclectic mix of movie goers who are rumored to have pushed the film close to $110 Million dollars over its opening weekend. Predictably, the other film opening this weekend, Jonah Hex, got crushed by the juggernaut that was Toy Story 3. I have not seen it yet, but I'm sure Mikey will get me to go check it out. Have you see Toy Story 3 yet??? Are you going too??? Tell us in the comments section below.    


  1. I was one of those who trekked out on Friday to see it. We caught the 2-D version because we thought we'd bypass the crowds that way..especially since 9 out of 10 of the 3-D releases lately don't seem to have more than 10 minutes of 3-D in them (cough...) Shrek (...cough cough) We did bypass the crowds but I'm wishing I had seen the 3-D version because I am hearing that it a completely different experience. I'll probably give them more of my money and see it in 3-D as well. I suggest you guys catch the 3-D versions the first time though.

    Overall I loved it. Couldn't help feeling they had done some of these things already...but the new things they do are so great they over shadow any feelings of Deja Vu I had. Love all the new characters. (Especially 'Mr. Pricklepants' and 'Lots-o-Hugs Bear' voiced by 007 himself Timothy Dalton and the great Ned Beatty)If you liked the first two you'll think this one is just as great.

    And make sure you get to the theater in time to catch Pixar's staple short in the beginning. This one was completely innovative and maybe their best short ever!

  2. I almost forgot about 'Chuckles the Clown' keep your eyes peeled for him. Now HE was my favoritest!

    Look at us...grown assed men gushing about Toy Story.

  3. Don't worry Jeff... everybody who reads this blog knows your a gaybird with no control over your feelings... no one s shocked but!@!!!