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June 24, 2010

Throwback Thursday #19 6/24/2010: MJ Tribute

Say what you will about Michael Jackson but, if you are alive and living in America than chances are his music, his videos, his innovation in dance has probably left a mark on your life in some way. Tomorrow, June 25th, marks a year to the day on which Michael Jackson, the self proclaimed 'King of Pop' lost his life and took a small part of us with him. This week's 'Throwback Thursday' is completely devoted to the music videos of Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace. Use them to get your party on this weekend!

In no particular order....

click 'Read More' below for more videos

(Banned PrisonVersion)

 (directed by Martin Scorcese story version)
Part 1

Part 2 (Music Video)

(Featuring Michael Jordon and other familiar faces)

(From the'The Motown 25' Show 
where he 1st unleashed 'The Moonwalk' on the Planet)

(feat. Eddie Murphy and other familiar faces)

 with Janet (...Miss Jackson if you're nasty!)

 (directed by Stan Winston)

 by Charlie Chaplin 
(Micahel's favorite song)

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