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June 24, 2010

How Would You Look In The Pilgrimverse???

Everybody who reads this blog knows how psyched I am about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World... I can not wait for this F'n movie!!! One of the coolest things about Edgar Wright's filming process was that he kept issuing photos that paired the actors and the characters they are playing (see pic to the left). The resemblance between most of the characters is impeccable, leading many people to speculate that Wright picked his cast on their looks in relation to characters instead of acting ability. I do not know how this will effect the acting in the film, but one thing is for sure, and that's the people in the movie will look just like the ones in the comic book.

So how would you look if you lived in the Pilgrimverse? Well wonder no longer. Just click on this link here, and you will be brought to the official Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator. Here you can design your own avatar from head to toe using Pilgrim-like attributes. You can even add weapons and accessories to accentuate your characters personality. You can then share your character on Twitter, Facebook, make it nto an IM icon, or use it as desktop wallpaper. Hurry up and make yours now!!! Here is mine:

How cool is this shit!!! Go do yours now, and share it on our Facebook page by clicking here. 

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