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May 20, 2010

Throwback Thursday #15 5/20/2010 (Lost Week Edition)

So todays Throwback Jamz are straight out of the 121 epeisodes that have made us all love Lost!!! The musiic is just one of the many aspects that makes this show great, so I figured what better way to try and get back some of those "Lost" memories... Hope you enjoy!!!

Perry Como - Catch A Falling Star - Lost Episode: "SunDown"


Wonderwall - Oasis -Lost Episode: "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

The Drifters - Up On The Roof - Lost Episode: " Everybody Hates Hugo"

Petula Clarke - Downtown - Lost Episode: " A Tale Of Two Cities"

Mama Cass - Make Your Own Kinda Music - Lost Episode: " Man of Science, Man of Faith"

Shotgun Willie - Willie Nelson - Lost Episode: " Because You Left "

La Mer (Beyond The Sea) - Charles Trenet - Lost Episode: " Whatever The Case May Be"

Thanks for the help and suggestions Jeff and Kate... hope you guys like the clips!!!


  1. Awesome! Like I said yesterday, Shannon singing "La Mer" by the fire is one of my all-time favorite LOST scenes. It is not a "wow" moment, but shows the depth of the characters... their fear and confusion... and the subtle awesomeness that, no matter what happens this week, has made the show great!

  2. This is an old time favorite: