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May 18, 2010

TeeFury Does It Again.... Wow!

As soon as I finished my last post which I mentioned the great T-shirt site and all of the cool Lost shirts they have featured over the years, I figured I should pop over to see what they got going on today. Well, the did not disappoint. Here we get a cool grey t-shirt featuring Desmond and Faraday and the best transportation for time travel, the Doc Brown's Delorean from Back to the Future... this shirt is awesome. They have men's and women's, sizes s-xxl, and as usual the shirt only cost you $11.00 with shipping included!!! Remember, with TeeFury, you only have until 12 pm Eastern time tonight to pull the trigger on this one. Click here to pop over to TeeFury and order this puppy now. Full design featured below.

1 comment:

  1. My t-shirt collection is getting quite large because of this site.

    Thanks to CCD for introducing me to this site!