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May 26, 2010

Super Bowl + Snow = Priceless

This could be the scene in Feb. 2014... or it could be worse when the Super Bowl makes its FIRST appearance in NY. The NFL announced that the new stadium of the NY Giants and Jets beat out the city of Tampa Bay, Florida for the big game in 2014. While it is not such a surprise that the NFL would want to have the biggest game of the year in the NYC area, it does go against the NFL's policy of having the Super Bowl in a warm weather environment. The game was held in Detroit a few years back, but that was in a dome. What would happen if NY should get pelted with a snow storm? I'll tell you what would happen... it would be freaking awesome!!! I hope it snows 25 inches that week. Sure, that will pretty much guarantee that the NFL will never try a cold weather/open air Big Game ever again, but the fact that we get a chance at a Blizzard Bowl would be worth it!!!

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