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May 8, 2010

LOST Recap Season 6 Episode 14 'The Candidate'

I've been writing LOST episode recap blogs on my own for years now. Posting them everywhere from my large email friend-base to Myspace, to Lost board websites, to Facebook, to the blog site's of other friendly 'Losties'. This season I am honored to be posting the remaining recaps EXCLUSIVELY for Cultural Compulsive Disorder!!! Join me here each week for my futile Lost TV show ramblings, but tune in daily, for an endless array of movie, TV, music, comic book, fashion, and general geekdom that Mr. Mike D and his staff provides. Take a moment right now to make C.C.D one of your favorites, and please become a follower of the blog. (Just click follow over on the right hand side, sign in using one of the accounts provided Google, Aol IM, Yahoo, etc and watch your picture pop up.) Comments are always appreciated. Let's try and keep the spoilers limited to no more than the title and centricity (if that's a word) of the following weeks episode.

We're in high gear now. Every thing's hitting us like a ton of bricks at race cars speeds. No time to waste. Let's get right into it.

Flash Sideways/Universe-X....St. Sebastian's Hospital, John Locke-X recovers from his emergency spinal surgery and awakens to find his surgeon, Dr. Jack Shepherd-X hovering over him. "I know you," Locke-X poses aloud. Jack-X reminds him that they were on the same flight together, Flight 815 from Sydney Australia. "You had lost your knives," Jack-X remarks. He goes on to inform Locke-X that his dural sac was ruptured in an accident but, that Jack-X thinks he's got everything together. Jack-X also mentions that while Locke-X was in surgery he had a peak at his initial spinal injury which left him paralyzed and he thinks Locke-X might be a 'candidate'. Wait, what? No not that kind of 'candidate', a 'candidate' for a the new procedure which may restore some feeling to the legs of Locke-X....possibly even allow him to walk again. Jack-X thinks, if given a shot, he may be able to 'fix' him. Locke-X hesitates a moment and responds, "No thanks". Just then, Peg Bundy...umm..Helen Norwood-X, the fiance of John-X, charges in she happy to see John-X awake. This is the first time she's been allowed in to see him. 

At other medical facilities, Jack-X approaches a dentist who is sanding down denture models. "Dr. Nadler," Jack-X inquires. The dentist removes his bird flu mask to reveal...Dr. Bernard Nadler-X!! Husband of Rose Nadler-X and all around swell guy. "If you're not a patient, call me Bernard," he responds. Jack-X explains that he's there because he saw John-X's medical files and that he's aware that he had some emergency dental work done three years back and wants to know how he was hurt. Bernard-X interrupts to remind Jack-X that they both had been on Oceanic flight 815 together. He jokes that if he remembers correctly, Jack-X was flirting with his wife Rose-X from across the aisle while he was in the bathroom. He's piqued Jack-X's interest, but switches back to the topic at hand. He won't risk breaking doctor/patient confidentiality by discussing John-X's medical history...but Bernard-X stresses "Maybe you're onto something". (Oh re-hee-heally? Get the impression old Bernard-X is a little 'in the know' about our split universes? Just a little maybe?) What Bernard-X WILL do is give Jack-X the name of another man that was in that very same accident with Locke-X, He jots down the name 'Anthony Cooper' on a slip of paper and hands it to Jack-X. (Anthony Cooper, of course, is John Locke's father in both universes) Jack-X remarks that it is odd that Bernhard-X remembers without checking any files an accident and a patient from 3 years ago. Bernard-X assures him his memory of it is solid.

At a third medical facility, we find Jack-X at the counter of the receptionist/nurse asking for for information about 'Anthony Cooper' who, apparently is a patient there. He is interrupted, again by Helen Norwood-X who arrives with a bouquet of flowers. Jack-X divulges to her that he's there to see 'Anthony Cooper'. He knows Cooper-X was in the same accident as Locke-X and wants to ask him a few questions. He wonders if she, too, is there to see the same man. She insists Jack-X just turn around and leave. Locke-X informed her that Jack-X has been pushing him to have this new procedure and she assures Jack-X that her fiance doesn't want it. She thanks him for saving John-X's life and wonders, aloud, why that can't be enough for Jack-X. "Because it's not," Jack responds. Moments later we find Jack-X being led into the patients common room where Anthony Cooper-X sits, wheel chair bound, with his back toward us. Helen-X spins Cooper-X around and into the direction of Jack-X to reveal that he is in a vegetative state. His mouth gaping open, drool runs down his chin. Fitting that the Anthony Cooper responsible for John Locke's terminal paralysis in Universe 1.0 has a twin in the mirror Universe-X that is paralyzed because of an accident he was in with John Locke's counterpart.

Ajira flight back to the island) Jack-X turns to see his long lost step sister, Claire-X looking for Jack-X out near the receptionist/nurse's desk. They head to the vending machine together where Jack-X purchases a little mid day pick-me-up. You guessed it, an 'Apollo' candy bar. He offers it to Claire-X, but she's fine. (This is all shades of Jack's brush with Jacob in Universe 1.0 where Jacob touched Jack's hand while passing him his Apollo bar that had gotten stuck in the machine. A touch, we later learned, was responsible for ensuring that Jack initially became stranded on the island. Is this foreshadowing that Jack is the 'candidate' who ultimately will be picked to fill Jacob's shoes? I wonder.) Jack-X apologizes for having to leaving the lawyer's office where they were discussing their mutual father's last Will and Testament. Claire-X understands but, stresses that the meeting was as awkward for her as it was for Jack-X. She didn't even KNOW the man. Claire-X points out that she has something with her that was left to her by their father and stresses that their will be more items to come (I knew it! I was wondering last week if Christian Shepherd-X's Will would contain some neat 'easter eggs' and apparently this is the first of a few. I wonder what he's left Jack-X?) It's a musical jewelry box, but Claire-X doesn't know what to make of it. As they open it together we are privy to their mirror reflections again and the song it plays is 'Catch a Falling' Star'. Aaron's song! Jack-X doesn't know what to make of it either. Claire-X asks Jack-X how their father died and he tells her the familiar story about, how the body of Dr. Shepherd-X was found in the alley behind a bar in Sydney Australia. That Jack-X just arrived back from there after claiming the body. Apparently he drank himself to THIS Universe as well (a charming story, and one of the few that are identical in both universes, but for some reason that all doesn't sit right with me anymore. Is there ANY time left to inject some foul play into the death of Dr. Shepherd? I could dig it!) These two, as well, have a moment in which they realize they were both on Oceanic flight 815. I wonder when Jack-X is going to give this flight coincidence a better looking in to. He's already been informed that John-X, Bernhard-X, Claire-X, Desmond-X, and Charlay-X were all people he was on the plane with, that he has also had encounters with in the past week. Wake up Jack-X! Wake the F*ck Up! Jack-X asks Claire-X where she's staying while in town and, upon learning it's at a hotel down the road, he offers her a bed at his place. After all they are 'family'. (Mind you, in universe 1.0 his 'family' is the only one that keeps getting forgotten about and left behind. I'm just sayin')

Later, Locke-X is being wheeled to the exit by a nurse/orderly (a scene that reminds me Matthew Abaddon has not returned in the Universe-X timeline....yet) Locke-X assures him he can make it the rest of the way and that his fiance, Helen-X, will be there to pick him up shortly. She's probably stuck in some traffic. As the nurse leaves him, he encounters, once again, Jack-X who wants a chance to say goodbye. Locke-X thanks him once more to which Jack-X blurts out that he went to see his father, so he could understand why John-X was in the wheelchair and maybe understand why he doesn't want OUT of it. "I was in a plane crash," Locke-X interrupts him, "I had my private pilots license for a week and I begged my father to be my first official passenger," he adds. Locke-X tells about how he convinced his father that he could trust him and how Cooper-X's condition was all John-X's fault. Jack-X reminds Locke-X about how, at the airport, he had tried to help him realize that his father was 'gone'. "Your father's gone too," Jack-X offers. Jack-X insists that John-X can punish himself (by refusing life changing surgery) as much he wants but that won't bring his father back. "What happened, happened," Jack-X stresses in an all to familiar cliche'. "What makes you think that letting go's so easy," Locke-X demands. "It's not," Jack-X offers, "That's why I was hoping maybe YOU could go first," he adds referring to his own inability to let his father go and to move on. John-X is unconvinced. He says his final goodbye and rolls away. "I can help you John," Jack-X shouts after him, "I WISHED YOU'D BELIEVED ME" he adds. The statement stops John Locke-X dead in his tracks (no pun intended) he seems to ponder the statement before wheeling himself away.

Island 2007/Universe 1.0....
Further inland, near the old rundown DHARMA Zoo,James, Kate, Frank, Hurley and the Kwons are being led into into the old outdoor polar bear cages by Seamus (the chubby kid from 'Kate & Allie') "No way I'm going back in there," Ford sneers. Seamus is angry he has to work so hard. James sizes him up and calls him 'Doughboy' solely to make me laugh. Widmore announces that he has a list on which the names of Ford, Reyes, and the Kwons are Kate. (She's just the bargaining chip to keep Jack and James in pocket it seems) Widmore assures James that he's keeping them locked up for their own good. James makes it known that he doesn't believe him. Widmore calls out to his crew to see if the "fences are live yet". They'll be active in less than an hour but Widmore's worried....they don't have that kind of time because HE'S coming!
Jack awakens at night time in a catamaran. "Welcome to Hydra Island," Sayid cheerily invites. (Seems that after Sayid's chat with Desmond last week he's returning to his old if we JUST knew what exactly he was told!) Sayid fills Jack in on the days happenings. Widmore staged a mortar attack killing most of the 'red shirts' that made up the remainder of 'Team Smokey'. The few that survived fled into the jungle. (I'm just glad all the worrying I did last week about Jack being paralyzed or dead was all for naught....he seemed fine this week) Just then, MIB interrupts. "You're friends got themselves captured. Now we'll have to rescue them," he instructs Jack. Smokey could ask Widmore, for Jack, why he's got all of Jack's peeps all locked in a cage but MIB insists that Widmore's intentions aren't good and he won't a straight answer. Jack insists they aren't his peeps and that he's NOT leaving the island. Smokey explains to Jack that his friends DO want to leave. That he could have killed them all "right here..right now" but, on the contrary he wants to save Jack and his friends. "Will you help me?" (This just reminded me of the entity in the cabin, moaning for John Locke to help him two seasons ago.)

At the cages, James tells Kate that being back there makes him feel like they's running in circles. (..tell us about it. Erol is quite tired of running around in circles with this show. Right, Erol?) Kate reassures James that Widmore won't kill her. James has a differing opinion, however. He shares with her about his trip with Smokey to the darkside caves. That their names were all plastered on the ceiling in amateur graffiti but that Kate's name was crossed out. (Probably by a rival 'writer' I guess...bitches always taggin' up, trying to make a name for theyself!)
Sun and Jin get some catsup time. Jin's glad to hear that their 3 year old is at home safe with her mother. (I'd have brought her to the island on the Ajira flight.....that'd shake things up. It would have given Kate another baby to snatch.) He informs her that Widmore has shown him photos of her and that she is beautiful. (Be right back....cry break...I know what is to come) a BLACKOUT! 

Electricity failure. Somebodies killed the power. (This is not going to end well) "....and we're dead," Hurley foresees. Ratta-tat-tat his name might as well be da' brat and he's makin' red shirtted nikkas go SPLAT! Smokey appears in true vapor form and starts crackin' some skulls....most notably the cherubic 'doughboy' who dies three feet from the cage door with a ripped up face. Kate notices the keys to the cage on his belt and does her best to reach for them as Frank 'Chesty' Lapidus takes matters into his own...umm...feet, kicking at the locked caged door. Both are bested by Jack who arrives, grabs the keys, releases his 'non-friends' and announces that now he's with 'HIM'. Kate is giddy to see Jack is with back with the plan but is quickly dishearten as he explains to her that he'll escort them to the Ajira plane but that's as far as he goes, he's still staying put on the island because he's convinced he's not 'meant' to go. Sayid meets up with the fleeing group and is welcomed by a bunch of guns being cocked. Jack assures the rest that Sayid's OK and that he's the one who killed the power generators, allowing Smokey in to rescue them. Of course! Sayid rushes them forward, "Locke is waiting."

At the Ajira plane, in pure daylight (what the hell happens to the time on the island, lately? It goes from darkness to daylight in the matter of an hour. Something seems off) Smoke Monster/Locke arrives alone and dispatches the two guards Widmore has left to thwart his agenda. One gets a broken neck for his services rendered the other a a mortal gunshot wound. Smokey than makes his way up the staircase, freshly made from tree limbs and rope to access the plane. Inside, he quickly notices electrical wiring which leads to a surprise in the overhead bins. Back outside the plane, Frank, James, Sayid, Claire, Jin, Sun, Kate, Hurly and Jack file out of the Jungle. It's fun to see the group ALL together for the first time in 6 seasons. They've always seemed to be split up into two groups for one stoopit reason or another. James releases this episodes 'Son-of-a-bitch' upon noticing the incapacitated guards. Sayid announces their necks have been broken and Smoke Monster reveals himself. MIB assures them that Widmore positioned them there KNOWING he would kill them, in essence, guarding the plane for show. Had he truly wanted to STOP Smokey, he wouldn't have had the sonar fences taken down, he suggests. If Widmore IS on the side of 'GOOD' in all of this he sure has a funny way of disregarding human life to do so. A small cost to a noble end, I'd gather? Furthermore, Smokey hypothesizes, Widmore wanted to get all of them into a confined space and kill them all with the planes overhead bin surprise.......four bricks of C4 explosives! Wired to the electrical of the Ajira plane, it would have blown the whole thing sky high as soon as they turned on the plane. He nixes any further plan to leave the island using the Ajira plane because there just isn't enough time to check to be sure that there isn't more explosives wired to the plane. This all makes me wonder if Widmore is, in fact, to blame for this booby trap or if Ben, Richie and Miles made good on their promise to get explosives from New Otherton to destroy the plane. MIB suggests they head to the submarine and use that to escape the island instead. James is OK with that since that was his plan all along. I worry about how long Chesty will be around now that we know that using the plane is not on the menu, any longer. Hurley is the voice of opposition reminding the group that Richard said He (MIB/Smoke Monster) was not supposed to leave the island. (Actually, Hurley implanted that idea with Richard stating it was part of his ghostly wife Isabella's departing words....but I still wonder if those were not Isabella's instructions at all but, those of Jacob or MIB since we never saw Isabella tell Hurley this with our own eyes.) James doesn't care. Saving James' life twice has proven Smokey's mirth and he trusts him. James has NEVER trusted ANYONE, though, so I'm not very surprised to learn he has another agenda that he reveals to Jack as they head out. He informs Jack he respect's his right to stay on the island, but he asks him for one last favor. When they get to the subn and James gives Jack the nod, he wants Jack to get MIB isolated and in the water so that the rest of the crew can get on the sub without him. As Jack and James solidify double-cross plans (plans that would, ultimately, leave Jack on the island, alone, with the angriest version of the Smoke Monster yet, by the way) Claire apologizes to MIB for betraying him and trying to escape with the others with 'his' boat (which in actuality is Desmond's boat 'The Elizabeth' if we're staking claim) MIB understands why she did what she did, as always, since he proves to be a very understanding murderous gas.

At the submarine, 'Team Smoke/Locke' arrive for a second attempt at their grand exodus. This time they find not a soul around...just a sub. James ain't buyin' it. "Just 'cause there ain't any GOONS on the doc, don't mean there ain't any on the sub," he defies. "We're going in HARD," he adds. You ladies still dry, I wonder? Didn't think so. He's putting Jack and Smoke/Locke in charge of covering him. Big man! They charge the submarine and enter it's hatch. They dispatch the 'goons' below and secure the sub. Jack and Smoke/Locke pick up the rear with Claire dilly-dallying behind. Speed up you pile of dirt!! "Sure you won't be reconsidering, Jack," MIB inquires. "Whoever told you that you had to stay had NO idea what they were talking about," he adds. Jack turns to Smoke/Locke and pushes him into the water " JOHN LOCKE told me I needed to stay," he answers violently. Claire looks on in shock. Just then, bullets begin to fly (was this BECAUSE MIB was taken down? Think about it.) Snipers! A shootout ensues. It seems to be some more of Widmore's men perched in trees and surrounding the perimeter. Kate takes a bullet to the shoulder as Claire returns fire knocking a shooter from his perch. Jack aides Kate in getting into the sub. MIB emerges from the water soaked but, unharmed. he opens fire on Widmore's crew killing three men with five shots. Will Ferrell charges him and he puts him down as well. Down below, inside the sub, James hears shooting and rushes toward the hatch to close it. "Who else is up there," he shouts to Sayid. Seemingly only Claire. That's all James needs to know. Close Sesame! He's more than fine with leaving her behind. Outside the sub, MIB sees James closing the hatch down as Claire rushes to be with the group who's left her behind...yet again. Smoke/Locke calls out to James and Claire to no avail. He and Claire have been left behind! Smokey grabs Claire as she shouts at the sealed submarine "Trust me," he assures her, "You don't want to be on THAT sub" he adds...smiling like the Smokey version of the 'Cheshire Cat' that he is.

Down in the sub, the aftermath of the shootout and escape is being felt. Kate, bloodied, yells out for Claire but she's not around. Hurley scrambles to look for a first aid kit to no avail. Jack has something in his JanSport that might help (I wondered what he was lugging around this whole time) He unzips his bag to reveal......a thermal detonator! Well, a bundle of C4 explosives connected to a wrist watch face. Yes, THE same C4 explosives and yes, and yes THE same watch Smoke/Locke was walking around with back at the Ajira plane. He rigged a bomb and switched his bag with Jacks! "We did EXACTLY what he wanted," Jack muses. Jack instructs the crew to get them back up to the surface so that they can get rid of this bomb that's ticking down from 3 and 1/2 minutes. Jin doesn't understand, "HE wanted to come with us." James agrees, "Damn right! That's why I shut him out!" Jack replies that James' actions were exactly what he was hoping for. Sayid takes a look at the bomb, he's always been a bit of a demolitions expert...along with a master interrogator and trained assassin. "The watch is jury rigged to the battery and the battery detonates the explosives." he assesses. Frank announces that it will take them at least five minutes to reach the surface.  The watch reveals about  three minutes until detonation. "We ain't got five minutes," James protests. Sayid informs the anxious group that the bomb can be disarmed if the wires are pulled out simultaneously..and at the same time. I'm on the edge of my seat. So were you. James' isn't going to listen to anymore jibber-jabber. He's got this. "Step aside," he demands. "WAIT," Jack implores him. "NOTHING'S GONNA HAPPEN," he adds. James thinks that Smoke/Locke's bomb will blow them up if he doesn't disconnect the wires. Jack thinks he knows better since, the last time he was face to face with ignited explosives back at the Black Rock remains with Richard, he was convinced they would never explode....they would always fizzle out but why explain THAT to James. The theory is that candidates can't be killed by Smoke/Locke. "He said he can't leave the island without us," Jack explains, "I think he can't leave the island unless we're all dead," he adds. You see, since MIB rigged the device, it will never harm them but, once James pulls the wires out James is now responsible for the bomb and 'candidate' CAN kill 'candidate' (I assume) "If he wanted us dead, than why put a timer" Jack asks. "He WANTS us to kill each other," he adds. Good theory, but only one way to prove it and he's going to need James' trust to be able to do so. James hasn't shown any real trust in ANYONE over the past 6 seasons, if he does so now it could mean his redemption. "I'm not gonna stand here and do nothing" James barks. He pulls the wires. Sun gasps. His choice is made. The timer fades out.........only to start again but, this time it counts itself down even faster. (It took me 'til actually writing these last three sentences to realize this is exactly like the 'pushing the button vs. not pushing the button' debate of seasons 1 & 2 down in the original hatch)  

"Listen to me carefully," Sayid directs toward Jack breaking the silence. He informs Jack that there is a well on the main island where Desmond is trapped alive and Smoke/Locke wants him dead. Jack wonders why Sayid is telling him this. In one motion, Sayid grabs the ticking bundle of C4 and responds,"BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE YOU JACK," as he charges toward the front of the submarine. Seemingly far enough away from the rest of his friends, Sayid and the C4 explode. (very reminiscent of the selfless gesture that did in Charlay at the underwater 'Looking Glass' hatch back in the 3rd season) My arm hairs stand on end. This time, however, the door to the room Sayid carried the explosives to was obviously left ajar and the impact of the explosion travelled through the hall to where his friends gather. Frank, positioned in front of one of the large steel doors is hit hard as the door becomes blown from it's hinges by the pressure of the oncoming water. "Aw hell," He mutters his final words as he collapses lifelessly backward. Jack scoops up Kate as disastrous amounts of water rushes into the submarine covering them to their waistlines. Jin notices Sun has been trapped behind a large metal cabinet or computer which has toppled in the explosion and yells for James' help.  Jack hears Jin shouting for help and responds as well. Hurley is looking for Sayid to which Jack reinforces "There is no Sayid"! He passes the wounded Kate off to Hurley who he instructs to take a canister of oxygen and help Kate swim to the shore. "You can do this" Jack assures him, "OK?" Jack demands. Hurley nods. 

James, Jack and Jin wrestle with Sun's heavy metal tomb. As they pry it away, James is knocked unconscious and we see that Sun is trapped by and even deadlier mess of metal bars which have twisted around her tiny frame. The water has risen to chest level and it isn't stopping. Jin instructs jack to leave them and save James. Jack seemingly agrees but offers the last tank of oxygen "I can get him out without it," Jack suggests. "NO" Jin orders, "You can't" SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! FUCK! "Now, just GO," he orders. Jack leaves with the final oxygen tank and with an unconscious James in tow as Jin goes back to work on freeing Sun. "Please go," Sun pleads with him over and over, realizing it is futile to try to free her. "I won't leave you," he insists as the water rises above their necks. "I will NEVER leave you again," Jin finishes. They exchange 'I love yous', and finally kiss passionately. Que the romantically dramatic stylings of musical director Michael Giacchino whom always seems to know the exact right chords to go with every emotional LOST scene. Slow shots of the submarine sinking to impossible depths as is stoops to it's side, tumbling into the abyss. A final shot of the two lovers shows their hands grasped together, their rings in the hands slowly slip from each other in their deaths.
The worst. THE WORST. What a sad mess. I'm so glad that Nicorette ad spot broke the tension. The one with the addicted smoker unaware of the shark that had begun gnawing on his arm because he was too busy thinking about smoking. Than he snapped out of his daze and started pummeling the shark in his bulbous head. Fan-tastic!
Back at the shore, Jack manages to get James breathing while Kate, accompanied by Hurley, bawls that she couldn't find Jack in the chaos. Kate realizes Sun and Jin have not followed and Jack gives them both a look as to confirm that they wouldn't be..ever. Kate and Hurley share a glance and Hurley completely loses it. I wish I could say the same for me, but I lost it about a half hour ago when Sayid's selfless act left his brain matter on sub ceiling. Jack leaves James, Kate and Hurley and stomps away, alone, to the shoreline where he breaks down looking out into the ocean.
It is nigh time, already, by the way. Let me break it down here. It was daylight when they entered the sub. It's been four minutes while the bomb counted down and maybe another half our of chaos ensued but, at the shore and at the dock it is now pitched black out when the sun was just blazing 45 minutes ago. I just don't get it! Do you?)
Back at the dock, Smoke/Locke informs Claire that the submarine has sunk. Claire is dumbfounded. "They were all on it, she mutters, "They are ALL dead," she asks. MIB ominously assures her that it isn't ALL of them that have died and that he's going to 'finish what (he) started'. Bum Bum BUMMMM.

Things I'm pondering:

  • Some of the older cast seem to have a 'knowing' presence in the Flash Sideways Universe. Eloise and Charles Widmore, Rose and Bernard, possibly Anthony Cooper is he wasn't drooling on his mash potatoes. I wonder if there's anything to this?
  • Most characters in Universe-X seem to be enlightened when they connect with their true love or during traumatic experiences. John Locke, however, has only shown any response to Universe 1.0 while he's been asleep. Why does John Locke appear to be having a different form of enlightenment into the happenings in Universe 1.0? I have a few ideas but they all seem way to far fetched. What do you guys think?
  • Where's Matthew Abaddon? Walt? Mr. Ecko? I don't want to spark up racial controversy but, why are all the strong black characters on the show not getting their moment in the Flash Sideways? I'd submit that maybe there are no black people AT ALL in Universe-X but, Rose is present. Give us back our blacks!
  • Can we get Sideways Locke walking already..sheesh! The anticipation is KILLING me. That's sure to be an epic moment if it occurs. For me anyways.
  • Seeing the cages over on Hydra island really reminds me of how they dropped the ball last season. It would have been a huge thrill for me to see the 1970's DHARMA Zoo and Aquarium in all it's glory. With all it's animals still alive and kicking. That would have made for a great chase seen or two. 
  • Was it really Widmore who harnessed the Ajira plane with C4 explosives or was if Richard, Ben, and Miles who vowed to blow up the plane with or without the help of the 'candidates'? Will there be more action at the Ajira landing site in the future?
  • I hope Desmond reveals how he exactly snapped Sayid out of his turn to black. Partly because I want them to do the same thing for Claire so that I can trust her again...and partly because I'm just dieing to know!!
  • Now that the submarine has been dealt with and the Ajira Captain are dead,(is there another pilot in the house? Anyone? Anyone?) the only means of escape is the 'Elizabeth'. OR IS IT?!
  • If Jack is correct, than MIB has had this plan, to get all of them in the submarine together so that they'd kill each, other for a long-ass time. I can't wait to see How MIB can possibly turn the remaining three or four against each other in the final hours. If they, indeed, can only be killed by each other and not by the man himself.
  • I really hope all the characters in the Flash Sideways universe retain full knowledge of what their counterparts went through all this time on the island otherwise, if all the 'candidates' die, it's almost as if we watched six seasons of wasted time. Please make these time lines converge properly....please please please.

Another episode where words can simply not do justice. This whole action packed episode must be seen to be believed. Twice. It was action packed from beginning to end and I expect nothing more than double the amount of action in the final weeks to come. Next weeks episode 'Across the Sea' teases us with a back story to Jacob and, his 'nemesis' the MIB. I can't say that any major answers were revealed this week but next weeks episode should have as many answers flying at us as deaths were flying at us this week! This week I find myself all cried out. Lost for words bust, as always, simply....LOST!

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  1. I'm also pondering the episode's title: 'The Candidate'
    -It could refer to the candidate to replace Jacob. One might concede that THE candidate wil ultimately be Jack stemming from last weeks episode 'The Last Recruit' which looks like a reference to jack as well since he was the last to emerge from the jungle and join 'team Locke'

    -'The Candidate' could also refer to John Locke-X who is a candidate for the special spinal procedure that Jack keeps pressuring him to undergo.

    -'The Candidate' could be some kind of wink to the 1972 Robert Redford film in which he plays a candidate for U.S. Senate but, I'm not sure if there is any parallels between the film and what we saw on LOST this week. Is anyone more familiar with the film than me?

    Any other references?

  2. Wowsers... I knew some more people were going to die, but wow!!! Sayiid takes a bomb to the chest and Sun & Jin say sayonara Kate & Leo style... god!!! Just that quick, we go from 6 canidates to 3...

    Quick question. If Claire is not a candidate, why does MIB hold her to such esteem??? He is always being extra nice and forgiving, and steering her out of harms way. Whats up with that? Maybe he like dirt-fro?

    I figured we wouldn't get Mr. Eko in Universe X due to the actor who plays him and the contract disputes with JJ and co, but where is Walt, Ana Lucia, Michael... lots of iimportant characters not present in Universe X.

    Where Is Walt!@!!!!!!!!!! (sorry)

    I am not saying anything until next week. I have a bad feeling that we are gonna get a whole lot of never before revealed info in this next episode... and while this is cool, it is also a jip. My hope is that we have not been misdirected for 6 seasons to try an understand a show that could not possibly be understood untiil they reveal some secret of withheld info. God that will piss me off.

    Why couldn't Hurley have drowned, or taken the bomb to the chest??? He could have just tucked it under his left stomach flap and the sub would have been fine... fat dick!!! I hate hurley. You want me to believe that he swam to the surface and then the shore while towing a shot Kate... get the fuck out of here!!! I could suspend my beliefs of reality for Time travel and smoke monsters, but not Fatty McFattenstein impersonating "The Hof" Baywatch style... to much!

  3. "MIB understands why she did what she did, as always, since he proves to be a very understanding murderous gas."

    Haha... that made me laugh.

  4. I have not much to add.. but just wanted Jeff to know that i read it... And a wonderful recap it was.. i even needed the written commercial break after your illustrious description of Sun and Jin's death.. it's still fucking me up... :(

    in regards to Sayid/Desmond's discussion i think what made Sayid flip the script was when Desmond asked him what how would he explain to his love the means of him bringing her back.. i think that was all it took to bring Sayid back to the "light'. It seemed to me at that point he lost the Zombie face.. sheck it out...

    and yes! what's up with the screwy day/night timelines.. i caught that too...

    also, if Kate isn't a candidate why the hell is she still around?! Sun and Jin weren't crossed off but they have to die in a horrible drowning submarine? why won't she die!!!! (and Hurley too and i'm with you Mike D his fat ass couldn't have gotten out the damn submarine let alone swim to the surface!)

    and i don't care about any of the other black characters (altho i didn't notice that until you pointed it out Jeff) but Walt! Where's Walt? that's all i care about...

    ok.. i'm ready for tonite and finding out MIB/Jacob's story! woo hoo!

    thanks again Jeff for making this show all the more interesting and fun to watch!!

  5. MIKE D says: "Quick question. If Claire is not a candidate, why does MIB hold her to such esteem??? He is always being extra nice and forgiving, and steering her out of harms way."

    FRANCIE says: "also, if Kate isn't a candidate why the hell is she still around?! Sun and Jin weren't crossed off but they have to die in a horrible drowning submarine? why won't she die!!!!"

    My gut's telling me that MIB knows that both Kate and Claire are better off alive, as pawns, as long as he needs to keep manipulating Jack and James. The one person James may care about more than himself is Kate and the two people Jack may care to save, above all else...putting himself in harms way, are Claire and Kate. Seems like the greatest chance MIB has in killing one of these two heroes is by threatening the lives of these two damsels in distress at some point in a major way.

    MIKE D says: "Why couldn't Hurley have drowned, or taken the bomb to the chest??? He could have just tucked it under his left stomach flap and the sub would have been fine... fat dick!!! I hate hurley. You want me to believe that he swam to the surface and then the shore while towing a shot Kate... get the fuck out of here!!!"

    HAHA I thought you would say this while I was writing my blog. I said to myself, oh boy Francie and Mike are NOT going to tolerate Hurley being the swim pro he appears to be in this episode. He is kinda weightless in water though, no?

    FRANCIE says: "..and i don't care about any of the other black characters (altho i didn't notice that until you pointed it out Jeff)"

    Give us back our blacks!

    FRANCIE says: "I have not much to add.. but just wanted Jeff to know that i read it...thanks again Jeff for making this show all the more interesting and fun to watch!!"

    The thought that you guys tune in to my ridiculous jumbled up scribes each week makes me VERY happy. I could not have made it through the passed 6 seasons without your help.

    'Across the Sea' we go!