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May 28, 2010

"Artin it Up" with Tommy Lombardozzi - Strange Doodles

Hello, folks!

Every week I have been trying to do some brand new artwork for C.C.D. I look forward to the challenge of having to come up with new stuff on a weekly basis; stuff that I hope is interesting.

This weekly forum was/is a way for me to share with you readers (all six of you!) what goes into making a particular piece of art; what mediums I use, what inspired it, what its genesis was, etc. Some stuff I have planned out beforehand, some not so much. Some articles and the accompanying art (or vice versa) I come up with the night before I send ‘em to Mike D.!

And sometimes, I just got nothin’.

Like this week. I had a busy week, and really couldn’t think of anything to do! I sat at my kitchen table with my supplies surrounding me, and could NOT think of a theme! I drew some weird things, some visual non-sequitors, in hopes that I’d hit on something. But… nope. A blank. No theme presented itself to me for this week’s “Artin’ It Up”.

Then, as I sat there and looked at these strange doodles and weird drawings I did over the course of a few days, it came to me. THESE would be my submissions for the week! I thought it might be interesting to show you what I doodle in hopes to hit on something I’d like to explore further as far as making a piece of art. Some of this stuff is fun and weird, and I think you will enjoy, So, I am presenting to you…


Drawing #1: “THE BIRD”

I like to draw sometimes in the Picasso-esque cube style. I put one of these drawings up the other day in my Facebook art folder (“The Bitch”). This was a continuation of that style. Just a line drawings of a guy drinkin’ a beer and flippin’ you THE BIRD.


The title explains it all. I did this last month, just sitting around having some doodle fun. It is pen and colored pencil. Cool lil’ dude.

Drawing #3: “FRO”

I just started drawing a face, then extending the hair. I planned on getting kind of elaborate with this, but then got lazy. It is marker, colored pencil, pencil, and a bit of ink. Maybe I’ll revisit this idea in the future.

Drawing #4: “THINGY”

I did this doodle back in the summer, when I had a job, in my office. I thought he was a cool lookin’ little creature. It was initially in pencil on a yellow Post-It, but the scanner we had didn’t scan in color so it came out looking like this, and I think it looks pretty cool. I like drawing weird little creatures. And yes, I am aware that most of you will say it looks like a cock. You got cock on the brain! This is just a weird little creature I call Thingy! Very innocent.

Drawing #5 “FROGMANFROG”

This is my idea of a bizarre amalgamation of a frog and a man. Science gone terribly wrong! I like the idea, though I executed in a simple style. Again, I may go back to this idea one day. It’s pen marker and digital colors.

Drawing #6: “YELLOW FACE”

Just another one of those Picasso-style things. Colored in pencil, with some marker.

Drawing #7: “HANDHEAD”

This is one I will DEFINITELY be recreating. What you’re seeing is the initial drawing, the sketch idea, for what will be a future drawing. I like this stuff that’s sorta creepy, but also childish. It’s HANDHEAD! Your pal! This is done with pen marker using grey marker highlights.

Drawing #8: “TVface”

Yeah, I have no idea either. It’s done in pen marker, markers, and colored pencils.

Drawing #9: “WEIRD WORLD”

Again, I have no idea. I like to combine weird imagery sometimes… usually in a chaotic, close-quarters setting. A “Frankenstein’s Monster” of visual creepiness! I have no idea what this is or what prompted me to draw it aside from the fact that drawing this weird shit is fun! It’s pen marker and colored pencils, with a little marker thrown in.


This is my favorite of the bunch. I will definitely be taking this idea to further heights, as the kids say! It’s good fun! I like drawing monsters. Simple! The idea was for this to mimic the poster of that famous James Dean movie… but I didn’t actually look at the poster when I doodles this. (I was too lazy to get up and go to the computer to actually do that research! Ha.) When I revisit this, I will. Also, I titled it wrong. It should have been “Werewolf Without A Cause”, like the movie is titled… but I goofed up and wrote “Werewolf Without A Clue” on the drawing, like in the Tom Petty song ‘Into The Great Wide Open”! I could have erased it in Photoshop, but I thought it was funny, so, that’s the title now and next time I draw it! As Bob Ross would say, it’s a happy little mistake. I think this would make a cool t-shirt design! Hmmm… It’s pen marker with grey marker highlights (and a “drop” of colored pencil. Heh).

Well, that’s it for now, C.C.Degenerates! OH! And speaking of Tom Petty… I hope to see you all (yes, all six of you) at the Wicked Monk in Bay Ridge this Sunday (Memorial Day Eve, May 30th) for my TP cover set. 10pm! If not, F you, and have a nice Memorial Day Weekend anyway. Douche.

Until next week…… Smile Up!

PS. As always, tell your friends about this Blog!!!


  1. Yes, Thingy looks like a penis. Wearing a Darth Vader helmet. You know you started out drawing one. So stop playin'!

    TVface is probably my favorite out of this week's bunch. But right above FROGMANFROG. I like the idea of a TVface guy. It reminds me of something in the 80s. Brain Games, maybe? I am too lazy to research this too.

    Good job, Nerdo. Fun, cool stuff as always.

  2. "Brain Games"?

    Thanks for the comment, Dirt. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So KMG, your saying that Thingy looks like Hayden Christensen... cause its a penis wearing a Darth Vader helmet... oh, sick burn!!! Thats for all my Star Wars prequel haters out there... your welcome.

    Greta work as usual TL... your an asset to the site. Thanks for being you and giving me such great stuff each week to share. Love ya kid!!!