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May 20, 2010

"Artin it Up" with Tommy Lombardozzi - Gettin' Lost! (Lost Week Editon)

Hello, all. Hope you’re well.

I have been interested in doing some “Lost’-related artwork since I started watching the DVDs a few months ago. The mind-bending show has so many great visuals, from the hatch’s retro-technology, to the field of notebooks, to the four-toed statue, to Kate’s cute ass. (She could get it, even with her rabbit teeth!) Anyway, I did sketches of characters’ faces while I used to sit at work, but nothing beyond that.

Then, a few days ago, Mr. Mike D., father of C.C.D. , requests some ‘Lost’ artwork from me for this week’s “All-‘Lost’ Week”. At first, I was apprehensive, as this would entail me to do all all-new pieces. (where as last week, I did only three all-new pieces plus some older ones.) Pressure! So, I did one which I’d had in mind for awhile (see below), and I was happy with the results. SO, I soldiered on!

Initially I was just gonna do my favorite characters (Mr. Eko, Locke, & Desmond), but that seemed limited. Many fans of the show would be checking this out, so I went for a more crowd pleasing approach. Anyway, let’s get to it…

Drawing #1: “NOT PENNY’S BOAT”

I got my hands dirty for this one (well, my HAND). Depicting a seminal moment in the show’s history, this was an idea I had for a bit, and finally executed it. I’m not sure if someone who doesn’t watch the show could appreciate this one, but whatever! It’s tempera paint (the handprint), watercolor (the water behind the hand), pen, pencil, and ink (the porthole), and digital coloring.

Drawings #2 to #7: “THE NUMBERS”

These took me quite a bit of time. I started around 11:30pm and ended around 5:30am (Mike, you motherfucka! See what I do for you?!) I wound up with blurry vision and a blister on my thumb (no joke!) Well, these are The Numbers… and the person on the show that they correspond to. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do once I draw all six characters. Initially, I was going to combine then into one drawing, and color it with watercolor, but then I had the idea of adding the numbers on top of the drawings. I tried it out (first with the Kwons. By the way, Sun could get it.), and it looked pretty cool. The stark black space also lent itself to keeping the drawings black and white (plus the show’s theme of dark versus light lent extra sense to the decision to keep the drawings B&W. Again, these took me along time to finish, so I hope you enjoy ‘em. Please click on them to enlarge the art so you can appreciate all the intricacies of the line work. Get in there!

Drawing #8: “LOCKESMOKE”

The John Locke character is a good one. Also, Terry O’Quinn is an interesting looking dude (from his smirk, to fanciful blue eyes, to his man tits), so I was definitely gonna do a drawing of him. Initially this was going to be the whole body, with a trail of Black Smoke behind him. But as I was starting the face, I thought it’d be more interesting to JUST have the face (hence omitting the man tits… sorry). I did a watercolor painting of smoke, which I placed behind the face. The placement of the smoke, again, was a statement on the show’s darkness vs. light theme, and also a statement on Locke’s character going from a good man to an evil entity. I enhanced the whole thing with some colored pencils. I think this one came out pretty dope! Hope you do, too.

Lastly my friends, I want to once again end on a lighter note. Some crayons were utilized to the show’s two major antagonists, Jacob and… No-Name (Maybe we’ll find it out on Sunday!) Again, Dark vs. Light… good vs. evil! Oooh! Ahhhh! Wow!

I present…

Drawing #9: “BROTHERS”

Well that’s it for this week, C.C.Degenerates! I hope you have enjoyed my 8th contribution thus far. Stay tuned to the blog for much more ‘Lost’-related fun this week as we all gear up for the program’s finale! Tomorrow you’ll get Jeff Bond’s theory-laden recap on the second-to-last episode “What They Died For”, as well as other fun show for my fellow C.C.D. contributors! GOOD TIMES!!!

And, as always, I implore you to share this blog with your friends! SPREAD THE WORD! Become a follower and have good fun! We need to see some comments on this thing that AREN’T from contributors! So help us get the news out there that C.C.D. is on its way to be the freshest, dopest, flyest OG-pimp new blog on the interweb!!! Yeah, son.

Until next week…… SMILE UP!


  1. Nice work Tommy.

    Locke Smoke is dope. You really captured Terry's facial features perfect and mashed it nicely with the smoke!

    Fantastic idea with The Numbers! I really like how they came out.

    Keep up the good work!

    PS I never noticed that Terry has man tits! Thanks for pointing that out! I have to pay more attention to these things!

  2. Love, Love, Love them! Great work, Tommy!

  3. The "Numbers" group came out pretty fantastic. A very cool collection.

    I also very much dig the "Not Penny's Boat" piece. I'd wear that T-shirt! You should Teefury it up.

    Great job this week, TL.

  4. KMG, I could not agree more! Get that TeeFury Tommy!

  5. Thanks, guys! I appreciate the encouragement.

    T-shirts, huh... ? Hmmmm...

  6. Excellent. Can't pick a favorite because they're all so good but, I do enjoy the final one 'Brothers'...I want to watch that cartoon.

    I'd wear a Locke #4 shirt!

  7. wow! I like them all! Great work!

  8. Thanks, Jeff! Thanks, Katie! Glad you guys are enjoying 'em!

  9. My crew is tight!!!! Sick work Thomas... any chance a lowly editor can get one of these???(or a copy.... heheheehehehehe) Just kidding. Love ya brother... sick job!!!