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May 14, 2010

3-D Boobies = Epic Win!!!

Just when I thought that Mr. Hugh Hefner could get no cooler... he goes and proves me wrong. Despite the fact that Playboy is currently in the midst of its lowest subscription numbers in decades, Hef has found a new gimmick to try and boost lagging sales. Let me introduce you to the wave of the future: 3-Dimensional Boobies!!!

This months issue, being released today, will feature cardboard 3-d glasses and a centerfold printed in a 3-d format that will allow her assets to truly "pop" right off the page. This is not your Pappy's Playboy, no sir. Just to prove how cool he still is, when asked why they chose to do the 3-d spread, Hef responded by saying: "... if people are going to be forced to look at stuff in 3-d, the thing that they probably want to see the most would be a naked woman's boobs." Truer words have never been spoken... god bless you sir. Lets see... do I want to get a headache watching Liam Nielson "Release the Kraken" in 3-D or do I want to have my eyeball tickled by a extremely protruding nipple that is defying gravity??? I'll take option B... everytime. The June issue goes on sale today.