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April 17, 2010

Trailer Trash Talk Volume #1 by Kristen Grillo

Well hello folks! I am pretty excited to jump aboard the massive ship that is CCD. Since its debut earlier this year, I’ve been keeping up with the site and its many talented contributors. For me CCD is unlike anything that I’ve surfed across yet. In one place you have so many different things right at your fingertips. Instead of jumping around from one site to another in order to get my daily dose of geek that involves TV shows, movies, music, books, sports, art, etc., I can just make one easy pit stop right here. Mike D. has surely done a great job putting together a nice collaboration of entertainment in all its form and I am very pleased & thrilled to be apart of that. With that said, I’d like to introduce to you my own form of contribution: Movie Trailer Reviews.

I don’t know about you but one of my most favorite things about going to see a movie in the theaters is the anticipation of the previews. A trailer can really make or break a movie. I think it is one of the most important elements in film advertising. A good trailer will turn you on. It will get you excited and tingly. In fact, it’s so god damn good that you’re actually pissed off you’ll have to wait 14 more months to see it in it's full form. There's also another form of a successful movie trailer. The sneaky & deceitful kind where they actually make garbage look glorious. ::cough, cough – Transformers:: They're known as the bastard masters of manipulation. We’ve all fell for it. The trailer looks so fantastic that there is no way on EARTH this movie could suck. Riiight. Get real.

So, let’s do the damn thing and get this started, shall we? Feel free to post your opinions, feedback, fun facts, gripes, bitchery and debauchery and such. In fact, I insist upon it!

First up is The Expendables, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, (Stone Cold) Steve Austin, Arnold (mah man!) Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Let me tell you, this is all the advertising I need. Just take a hot gander at this line up! To be honest, the importance of the plot goes right out the window here. They could be rescuing a truck load of puppies and stolen daffodils in Kansas for all I care; I’d still go see this movie. The fact that I’m seeing Stallone, Arnold, and Bruce crammed into one scene together, even if it's for two minutes, is more than enough bliss for me. Two minutes with these guys is all I need. And I can guarantee the supporting line up of Li, Statham, Crews & Lundgren will only add heavenly fuel to this glorious fire.

This preview leaves me feeling like this Expendables is a little similar to that of Stallone's Rambo released in 2008. A group of mercenaries goin’ off into the jungle to kill some dopey Vietnemese lookin’ basterds to rescue…..someone. Who? What?! Do they ever really say specifically?! Does it matter? Not really. We’re just here for the carnage, right? The led pumping, neck snapping, knife plunging, witty cornball one liner action fun! If Stallone was the only star driven vehicle here, I’d probably be less interested. I just watched that Rambo on cable the other night. How many times must I watch this fella perform the same old line o' work? I get it, pal. Your 63 years old and JACKED and not ready to hang up your bullet belt yet but at least you got a little creative with your casting this time. All these guys will bring different types of butchery to the table. That's a given. And for the people who love what each of them have been individually capable of in their past films will most certainly roll out to see them ham it up here in The Expendables. Count me in, suckas! I’ll be front & center with my war paint on. Will you?

The Expendables: Anticipation Grade = A... Sign Me Up!!! I'll be first in line

The Other Guys. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrel, Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

When it comes to directing a comedy these days, there are usually only two men that you know will successfully deliver the goods: Judd Apatow & Adam McKay. Not too many people are familiar with Adam McKay’s work. You barely ever see his name as a driving force to promote his movies. With Apatow, it’s always the opposite. You’re always made aware that he’s “the guy” who brought you 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, & Superbad, a movie that he didn’t even direct (only produced). McKay on the other hand, rarely gets the notice he deserves. How do I know this? Because whenever I bring up his name, no one ever has a clue who I’m talking about. Until I mention what he’s done: Stepbrothers, Anchorman, Talladega Nights and he’s also the co-creater of the website I’m sure most of you frequently visit: (“Ooooo, right. That guy!) If any of y’all are fans of these films, you’ll be happy to know that Mr. Underdog McKay has teamed up with Will Ferrell again to bring you The Other Guys, starring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s set to hit theaters this summer on August 6, 2010. The film’s premise is about two mismatched New York City detectives who try and seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops whom they idolize. Only…things don't quite go as planned. And of course, comedic hijinks ensue. Let’s see what the preview has to say for itself:

First things first: It is NEVER a mistake to have Samuel L. Jackson pop up within the first 10 seconds of a preview, while probably delivering one of the movies most funniest lines (“someone call 9-1-holy-shhh…”). Haha! How great he? Then we’re introduced to the oddest couple you ever did see: Sir Calvin Klein, rough guy Marky Mark sitting right across from that dopey Frank The Tank. What a strange sight, no? What I believe Wahlberg is trying to do with accepting a role like this is direct himself towards new acting territory. His recent efforts to stray away from the usual tough guy material and dip into more emotional roles, such as The Lovely Bones and The Happening, were not too well received. So what do you do when your career’s hittin’ a bit of a critical bump? Try and make ‘em laugh. Laughter’s the best medicine. It worked for guys like DeNiro, right? (Analyze This, Meet The Parents) Perhaps it’ll work for this guy. Hey, if the shoe fits, my man….

The action scenes look like your typical Hollywood fluff butter but it’s the comical interactions between our two main gents that are very engaging. Ferrell, in his usual goofball fashion, seems to comfortably play off of Wahlberg’s intimidating demeanor and it works really well. My favorite scene from the trailer is when we realize that the always supa-dupa fly n’ sexy Eva Mendes plays Will Ferrell’s wife. (For real?!) And just like that Wahlberg’s saying exactly what’s on our minds at that moment: “Come on, seriously….Who is that?” By the end of the trailer, I’ve really warmed up to these two guys being on the same screen together. And if the preview is that successful, imagine how the film must be. Of course it is way too early for us to get our hopes that high but judging from the sample slice we just tasted in the preview, I’m sure it is safe to say that we will get what we came for: an entertaining ensemble that will keep you laughin’ and snortin’ from start to finish.

The Other Guys: Anticipation Grade = A... Sign Me Up!!! I'll be first in line


  1. Welcome to the fam fam KMG... love the post, and I am looking foward to more Trailer Trash Talk to come....

  2. Even though the is the first article in the series, I LOVE IT! Great idea!

    The Expendables. I can not believe the cast here. Every great movie action hero, EVER! And then there is Couture. A real life bad ass that beats up on guys half his age. I have never seen a movie with him, but I can not imagine him being that good. Hopefully I am wrong. I will see this no matter what!

    The Other Guys. I just want to be clear that Step Brothers is one of my favorite comedies of all times. So this movie has to be awesome. This trailer had me crying. I will be there with you to see this movie!

    Great picks and reviews for this article, keep it up!

    PS Did you ever watch Trailerama on HDNet?

  3. Great idea! Honestly I've been keeping my trailer viewing down to the ones I'm forced to watch in the theater before the film starts. I don't watch them much online, anymore, unless I'm sure they won't spoil the film for me. All it takes is 2 different trailers with different scenes and you pretty much can piece together the whole film these days. That being said. What I WILL ALWAYS DO is check out your trailer reviews because they are awesome and they give just the right amount of information to get me excited for the film without spoiling me. Thanks for this!

  4. Thanks for all the glorious feedback peeps. I'll try to bring the buzz without the spoils. It ain't as easy as it looks.

    Joe F. I have not checked out Trailerama! I have Time Warner and I don't believe HDnet is available there. (::sigh::)