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April 27, 2010

Springfield Backs Up South Park... Who Wants What???

Even though the creators of South Park and The Simpson's have clashed throughout the years, poking fun at each other and taking swipes at each other, this past Sunday the creators of The Simpsons did the unthinkable... they backed up the South Park crew. South Park creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone have drawn the ire of some pretty radical islamic groups after the latest episode of the controversial show in which the repeatedly poke fun at the prophet Mohammed. Comedy Central, which airs South Park, has only shown a editted version of the show and won't post the un-editted version online since they fear reprecussions for the creators. Parker and Stone are not backing off, and the boys over in Springfield got they back. During the opening credits of The Simpsons on Sunday, we see Bart writing on the chalk board. The message has changed many times over the years, but this time the message was in support of Parker and Stone... it read "South Park- we'd stand beside you if we weren't so scared". This is awesome on sooooo many levels, because even though they may be competitors, when free speech gets attacked they must all unite because they would want the same support if they were the ones being critiqued. Hopefully, the radical Muslims will back off and leave Parker and Stone be... then they can make some more episodes of South park that degrade somebody else's religious beliefs and start some more shit. But if it does pop off, it's good to know that Bart and the Crew will be their to back up Stan and the Gang... bring it son!!!  

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