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April 27, 2010

Can Anyone Say Goldeneye, Part II... Yup, I Can!!!!

Anyone who know me, knows that I am a HUGE James Bond fan. I grew up on all the movies, and even though I think Roger Moore was the best Bond ever (Yeah, I said it), Pierce Brosnan was pretty bad ass as well. Goldeneye was his first film in the series, and the 17th movie overall. Goldeneye is also the name of James Bond creator Ian Fleming's estate in Jamaica where he wrote all of his novels. So, when the video game version of the movie came out for Nintendo 64 in 1997, I copped instantly. Not only was the game play awesome, but it was the first time I had ever played a Bond game and felt like it did the character justice. But even though the levels were cool and there were characters/items from other Bond films in the game, the coolest part about it was the split screen multiplayer feature...

Even though it was not the first game to offer split screen multiplayer, nor the last since then, the functionality of this feature was flawless and lead to this mode becoming the most popular. Coupled with the Ninetendo 64's four controller setup, many people have spent many a night kicking each others asses with rocket launchers, shotguns, and PP7's (silenced, of course). God knows I spent millions of hours playing multiplayer with my college classmates. And despite the fact that some newer games might look way cooler (like Halo for instance), the game still plays well. Better then well... I know some friends who still play the game on Nintendo 64, and it plays wonderfully. Now comes news that a sequel may be in the works... what!!!!!

Rumors are flying around the 'net that Microsoft and Nintendo have finally reached some sort of agreement after years of squabbling. Microsoft bought Rare, the company that designed the game. Microsoft owns Nintendo rival X-Box, and they wanted Rare to develop a sequel for X-Box. Nintendo owned the rights to Goldeneye, and they wanted another developer to come in and design a new version for the Wii. This is why no new Goldeneye game was ever made, and tons of titles like Perfect Dark and Timesplitters jacked the tone of Goldeneye. Well, I for one hope that these two industry titans can work out their differences and get this game made... and then they could bring the original Goldeneye to the Wii Virtual Console and the X-Box Live Marketplace for download. One can certainly wish, can't he...



  1. This is awesome news. Goldeneye was a MC favorite for quite some time and took priority over everything, every night. I would prefer to see it on the Wii through the use of the Wiimote (I love Nintendo) but I never see this happening. Although I never thought that Capcom would release Marvel vs Capcom 3. But they have made an offical statement that it is in development and scheduled for release 2Q2011. I just jizzed in my pants. Oh! And again.

  2. Looks like a Goldeneye remake is on its way for 2010!