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April 29, 2010


You know what... when I started this post, I was mad as hell. I have had enough of all these terrible ass New Jersey reality shows hitting the airwaves in the last few months. But by the end of composing the title, I realized that instead of being mad... maybe I should be nice. Beg even... Please, no more terrible Hair Do's and Fake and Bake tans... Please, Please, no more fake Soprano wannabees who would probably get knocked out if the wind blew to hard... Please, Please, Please, no more of these horrible girls that have so many STD's that they are dripping them out of their make-up clogged pores... PLEASE, WHOEVER YOU ARE PRODUCING THESE SHOWS.. I BEG YOU TO MAKE IT STOP!!!

Why am I so mad. This is why:

This is a subway poster for Oxygen's newest show, "Jersey Couture". This follows Style Networks "JerseyLicious", Bravo's "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" TLC's "Cake Boss" and most notably MTV's "Jersey Shore".... come on, What The Fuck.

First of all, Jersey is mad corny... it will always be inferior to big brother New York, and so its residents will always overcompensate for it. This makes the people on these shows even harder to stomach, especially for New Yorkers. Secondly, I'll admit that "The Jersey Shore" was kinda cool... but that because the whole cast WAS NOT FROM JERSEY. They were just on vacation there. Anyone who goes to Belmar, Point Pleasant or Seaside during the summer knows that its like being smack in the middle of a Brooklyn Block Party. The Jersey Shore as a place is dope... but the locals? Not so much... And Finally, how the fuck are the people of Jersey even being considered for style type shows about hair and clothes??? These people, especially the women, are absolute disasters. Would you want these messes doing your hair or makeup??? 

I didn't think so... Enough with New Jersey and it's trashy, lame, no style, juice head, fake tanned, caked on makeup clown faced, sexual transmittable infected mutants... doesn't anybody want to shoot a show in Michigan or North Carolina... Please!!! Thanks. I'm done now. See you at the Shore in a few months... hahahahaha!


  1. As the resident reality show zen master... I am with you. Jersey Shore is genius. The rest of these are horrendous.

  2. Pure shit, all of it. Sorry, Kate. I have to boycott this trash. Even though me not watching or aknowledging this drivel does not oen bit of good ruining the popularity of this garbage, it still makes me feel good.

  3. Whoa there,Mr. Mike...just WHOA!