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April 29, 2010

"Artin' It Up" Volume #4 by Tommy Lombardozzi

Ahhh, week four. A month already?!

I gotta say, it’s not easy coming up with a theme for my little C.C.D. contribution every week. I thought I was just gonna have to put some older art together with some kinda theme and submit to Mr. Mike D. But once again, my fanatic followers, I have created some ALL NEW ART for the blizzog! I threw a couple of older ones in this week as well to give you a nice handful of viewing pleasurable.

The theme for this week is just… PEOPLE. Creepy people, to be precise. This may be a theme I reuse often, as the world is full of so many creepies! And, they’re fun to draw! Fuckin’ creeps. Every so often I’ll decide to draw a fucked up looking individual. Ugly, grotesque, perverted, skeevy… and then I draw the fucked up looking people! (Nyuk nyuk.) So last night as I was about to submit to Mike some older stuff, I put pen to paper (and colored pencil to paper, and marker to paper, etc etc.) and started to create three new creeps, which I rounded out by three older pieces.

And hey, before I move on to the art, I want to thank everyone that’s been showing an interest in my stuff. I really appreciate it, and I love the feedback. Keep it coming (join the page so you can leave comments, questions, love notes). Also, as always, I press you to SPREAD THE WORD about the C.C.D. blog! Alotta people put their time (I was up again till past 6am last night!) and talents into bringing you, YOU- the genital public!- fun stuff to read and enjoy every damned day. Stop fuckin’ around!!!

So, without further ado, I bring you… CREEPY PEOPLE: VOLUME 1!

Creep #1: “BLUEGIRL”

I don’t’ know if this is too creepy, but, this is a drawing I did awhile back while at work (look at the work I did! Ha!) It’s marker, with digital coloring and effects. It was a drawing of some model chick whose picture I saw online, but some have said it looks like Ashley Judd. Yeah? Whatever. I wanted to do a simple drawing just so I could mess around on Photoshop. The thing that took the longest was copying and pasting her head several times, and then resizing those heads to make her “hair”. It was a productive and creative way to avoid doing some real work. I haven’t posted this anywhere yet, so it’s making its debut on C.C.D.! I call it “BLUEGIRL”.

This is one of my favorites. I did it awhile back… I’d say about 2007 sometime… and I’ve always liked it. If you seen my Myspace art page or my Facebook art folder, than you’ve seen this before. If you haven’t, well then it’s new to you so shut up and enjoy it!!! This is another one of those drawings that I did in a “loose”, no-preliminary-sketch style; sorta childish in my approach. Cartoony. Just an old, grouchy bastard! THE CURMUDGEON! Smokin’ his stogie, givin’ you the stink-eye! It’s paint marker with digital colors and texturizing. I don’t know about you, but I like this old fuck. “Bah!”


This guy! This was a psychology professor I had in Kingsborough. He was a real dick! He’d mock students, make snide remarks, crack jokes, tell kids they were dumb… I loved him! And, he was such an interesting looking character that I’d make drawings of him in my notebooks. This drawing is a “remake” of one of my sketchbook doodles from 2004. I did it last year, with pen marker. I should have given you the original doodle too, but I never scanned it in. Maybe one day I’ll submit a bunch of notebook doodles! That’s a cool idea for a future C.C.D. ‘Artin’ It Up’ page! But for now, you get this one; Professor Fuckface! (I forget his real name.)

OK, now on to the all-new stuff!

Creep #4: “ROCK GUY”

This was the first new one I did last night… which inspired the other two new ones. I started with the face and it went from there. As I was drawing it, I’d decided that I didn’t want any one medium to be the dominant one for this drawing. So where I’d start with a pen marker, I’d continue from with a colored pencil. From there, I’d do the next line with a marker, and so on. Good fun. Chaotic! Which is why I decided to depict my idea of an anarchist punk rocker-type dude. (It reminds me of a Ralph Steadman drawing. If you don’t know who he is, go look it up.)

Check out the rump roast on this bitch! Yowza! I’m hungry! Anyway... The approach to this was the same as above. I wanted to do a woman (yeah yeah, make a joke), but not in the usual “beautiful” fashion. The idea was to feature an attractive woman in a non-attractive way; the crazy lines, distorted dimensions, no color scheme. Just a downright mess, basically… like strippers tend to be (maybe not always psychically, but mentally!)The model for this came from a spread in Hustler magazine. Ho.

Creep #6: “TONGUE-MAN”

At this point it was about 5am. I figured with the two new drawings, plus some older ones, I’d had enough for my weekly article. But no! One more… I knew I could pump out one more for my C.C.Degenerates!!! Initially I wanted to draw a garbage man. Not sure why. Then I decided to go wackier and draw this fucked up chap! I just thought it’d be a nice, wacky way to end off this week’s ‘Artin’ It Up’. It’s Sharpie marker with colored pencils and Crayola marker for the hair. And ladies… yes, he IS single.

So that’s it for now, kiddies. I hope you’ve enjoyed my stuff this week and I thank you for letting me share my work with you. Again, I ask you to spread the word of Mike D.’s C.C.D. blog, join up, follow us on Facebook, and leave us comments. There’s something on here for everyone, and we’re all chipping in to make sure you get a daily dose of Pop Culture Fun! Support the cause.

I’ll see you suckas here next week… so until then…

Smile up!


  1. BlueGirl looks Jeanne Tripplehorn. 100%!

    Good job on the new creeps, TL. I dig that Tongue Dude. ME-OW.

  2. Good stuff, Tommy. I especially like "Rock Guy" and "Stripper Pole." I've seen the old art before, but I appreciate the dialogue that accompanies the work. :)

  3. Thomas... u never cease to amaze me. Love "The Crumudgeon" and "The Tongue Man"... totally awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work kid!