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April 12, 2010

Gran Apertura Volume #2 4/12/2010

Gran Apertura means "Great Opening" in Italian. I felt it was an appropriate title for the new column I will be writing here at C-C-D. I love movies, but every once in a blue there is an opening segement in a movie that just sets the bar way to high for the rest of the flick. This opening scene is so good, it can't be topped by the rest of the movie itself. Or, sometimes the opening scene is part of an excellent film, and it does the job of getting you roped in. No matter what, the opening scene in a movie is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT scene in the whole film. So this column will highlight some of the greatest opening segements from the wide world of cinema. If you like what you see, maybe you will go ahead a check out the films in completion. Happy Viewings!!!

This Weeks Gran Apertura: Scream (1996)

Sorry for the subtitles... damn Youtube!!!


  1. I remember when this flick came out, and thinking Drew Barrymore was gonna be the star of the movie... then this scene put the kabash on that theory real quick...

  2. That was a pretty sweet tactic they pulled. She basically headlined that movie before it came out. Since then, Scream was probably the last decent popcorn "slasher" flick to have been released. Everything after it has been garbage or remakes. Give it another ten years, and I'm sure a remake of this will surface. Unoriginal douches.