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April 12, 2010

Congrats Jaime Moyer... You Just Pitched In Your 4th Decade!

Way back on June 16, 1986 a pitcher by the name of Jaime Moyer started a game for the Chicago Cubs against the Philadelphia Phillies. 24 years later, our boy Moyer is still kicking and pitching in the major leagues. Ironically, now he is pitching for the same Philadelphia Philles he faced way back in his debut. He has been a workhorse over his long career and although he was never a huge superstar pitcher, he has amassed 258 wins. Last night, he picked up his 259 victory over the Houston Astro's. He is well on his way towards the 300 win plateau that usually means instant election into the Baseball Hall of Fame. While he probably won't get to 300 ( he is 47 already for christ sakes), I think he should be a Hall of Famer for consistently getting it done. Do the math kids: 260 wins a year for 24 years is an average of 10 wins per year... not to shabby.

But when he pitched in the game against the Astro's last night, Moyer became only the 4th pitcher in MLB history to appear in a game in 4 different decades... wow. He joined Nolan Ryan, Rodger Clemens, and Greg Maddux as the only other pitchers to accomplish that feat. Nolan Ryan is probably the greatest pitcher ever... the career strikeout leader. Rodger Clemens won 7 Cy Young awards and until recent steroid issues was also considered one of the greatest of all time. Maddux won 4 CONSECUTIVE Cy Young awards and 18 Gold Gloves awards, making him the greatest defense pitcher OF ALL TIME!!! This is the company Mr. Moyer is now in, and I feel like he deserves a bit of credit. So, there you go Mr. Moyer... Congratualations on a storied career and have many more!!! See you in Cooperstown my friend.

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