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April 14, 2010

"Artin' It Up" Volume #2 by Tommy Lombardozzi

Hey kids! Well, I hope you folks have been enjoying Mike D.’s diabolical daily doses of everything pop culture! This kid works hard on this blog, so make sure to tell your friends! GET IN THERE!!! Anyway, I am back for Week Two of my C.C.D. contribution, “Artin’ It Up with Tommy Lombardozzi”. I’m not sure how many of you bitches read my last installation, but I hope you enjoyed it if you did. I also hope you enjoy this one! If you’re not in the know, basically, my weekly ramblings will showcase a few of my pieces with a little insight into their creation, inspiration, and all that stuff. And, each week I will have some kinda theme. This week, I’ve decided to go with “PORTRAITS OF FRIENDS”. I am presenting to you four very varied portraits. Two are brand-fuckin’-new (I made them tonight!), so I hope you enjoy. Let’s get to it, shall we? Let’s ART IT UP! Wooooha!

Portrait #1: “JEFFREY!”
This was a simple line drawing I did of my friend and fellow C.C.D. contributor, Mr. Jeffrey Bond! (Check out his weekly ‘Lost’ article/recap/review, exclusively here at C.C.D.!)

I did this drawing while we were hangin’ out at our friend Mikey V.’s house one day in 2007. I liked it, and decided to take it home and scan it in. I think I originally drew it on an envelope or something like that, with a Bic pen. Anyway, when I was finishing it up, I’d decided to accentuate Jeff’s beard and hair with photographs of his actual beard and hair! WACKY! I used the Photoshop and did a sort of “photo collage” under the drawing of Jeff’s fantastic follicles! He had it as his Myspace picture awhile back, if I remember correctly… so he must have dug it. I hope you do, too.


I did this last week as a birthday gift for my friend Margaret who lives in Japan. I knew I wanted to do some kind of art for her as a gift, but really had no idea what I wanted to do. I started to do a pen marker drawing of her playing this great “piano horn” that I have, taken from a photo I took of her when she was here visiting in December. The horn is colorful… bright red, blue, and yellow… and my idea was that the drawing would be in black and white with the horn being in color. As I started the drawing, I got the idea that I’d take that partially-colored idea a little further and do a “paint by numbers” type of drawing , complete with the color chart and everything! I went with it, and I think it came out pretty cool… and different than anything I’d done before. I’m happy with it. I hope she likes it when it gets to Tokyo!

Portrait #3: “WAYNE’S DRUM SKIN”

First, lemme say that my friend Wayne Daren Schneiderman (aka “The Doctor” or “Doc Banner”) is an amazing fucking drummer, and if you’ve never heard this animal play, then you’re missing out musically! He’s currently in a rock band called A Family Plot, and you can check their site here:

AND, follow them/friend request them on Facebook here:
 A Family Plot Facebook Page

I have had the pleasure of playing in a few bands with Wayne over the years. He is a one of a kind character, a smart motherfucker, and a helluva guy. He is also part ape, but that’s another story. And it just so happens he has a very interesting look. So, when I decided to make my article this week “Portraits of Friends”, I went straight to Wayne’s page and copped a photo of him to interpret! I wanted to do a simple black and white drawing of him, and as that was underway, I got the idea to use that drawing for what I would imagine to be his bass drum skin! (Roger Taylor, drummer of Queen, used to have his face on his bass drum, so I thought it’d be funny if Wayne had that, too!) Here it is!

And, last but definitely not least, I present a C.C.D. exclusive…

Awwhhhh yeah, sons! Here’s my boy Mike D., presented in marker with crayon coloring! I love crayons! THIS… THIS is the MAN that brings you this bliggity blog every damned day! Give it up!!! This was alotta fun to make, and I think it came out pretty damned cool! Look at that mug! Ya gotta love it!

Well folks, that’s about it for now. I will see you next week, here at the C.C.D. blog, to share with you a new batch of my art. I really hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far. More to come… and tell your friends!!!

Smile up!


  1. Good stuff TL! The Mike D. portrait came out pretty great. Love the colors. The Paint-By-Numbers portrait is definitely a nice new technique. I dig, I dig. Keep it up.

  2. Dig this stuff!

    I like how it seems you're working in mediums befitting your muses. Wayne in drums, I in hair, and Mike D. in crayons. If I had to describe him to my therapist who might ask "If your friends were art, what kind of art would they be?" I'd definitely consider him an expensive piece of artwork done with crayons.

    I'm not familiar with your friend Margaret but it seems as though you were quite taken with her 'paint by numbers'colored your piece is a interpretation of that.

    Very cool.

  3. Thanks, guys.

    Jeff, the horn was funny, and really colorful (it was a kid's toy), so I wanted to make it stand out.

  4. You are good, my friend! All of the pics are so different, but all are also amazing!

  5. Great stuff brother! The paint by numbers idea is especially inspired. All portraits look like different styles which is interesting.


  6. wow! impressive! I esp love Mike D's it is right on with his facial expressions...not that I expect anything else! =) very cool!

  7. Thanks, Katie.
    I'm glad you've all enjoyed this week's "Artin' It Up with Tommy Lombardozzi". Now I gotta figure out what to do for NEXT week! Hmmmm...