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March 23, 2010

C-C-D: My 100th Post... And On My Way To 1,000,000 More!!!

Today C-C-D turns 100... posts that is. This is a huge milestone for me, considering that my ADHD usually leads me to start something and move on to something else rather quickly. But I always wanted to do a blog, and things finally have come together here at Cultural Compulsive Disorder. I have great contributors in Jeff Bond, James West and Kate Jones who make my life easier by writing great posts for our enjoyment. I also want to shout out Sevz Cru for making some great videos that I have had the pleasure of posting. I would also like to shout out all the people who come to C-C-D and read our crazy posts, but especially the ones that take the time to click and become followers on the actual blog page. We gotta get that number up kids!!! Also, please follow us on Twitter, @YouDownWitC_C_D because thats were you get my wittiest updates... and it makes me look better when my followers go up. Plenty of more stuff to come in the future kids, including our new movie review system and some new contributors (Lets go Kristen and CL) as well as more of all the great stuff you have come to know and love here at C-C-D. I only have one question: You Down Wit C-C-D??? Yea, You Know Me!!!

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