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February 22, 2010

HBO's Next Big Sunday Show: Welcome To NYC!!!

TNT may know drama, but HBO knows how to make your Sunday night much less depressing. Instead of hating Sunday night as the last chance to relax before you begin your work week, HBO has long been ending our weekends with exciting programs that we can't wait to watch. I am a huge fan of HBO programming, and I give every show they come out with a shot. With there track record they deserve it. The Sopranos, Sex In The City, 6 Feet Under, Entourage, Trueblood, Rome and Carnivale have been some of my favorite shows ever. But lately they have been hit or miss. I didn't really like Bored To Death, despite the fact that I love the cast (Ted Dason, Jason Schwartzman, Zack Galifinakasfraddh... u know, the Hangover guy) and The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency was awful. So when I saw a preview for the new show How To Make It In America, I was kind of excited. Was HBO about to get back on track?

The show is a look into two up and coming kids trying to make it in NYC. Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk play Ben and Cam, two lifelong friends who don't want to live their lives conventionally. They wanna make money, and they want to be famous. How are they gonna do that??? Well, thats the question. They hope that their ecclectic group of friends from various social circles in NYC help them reach a certain level of success. This is where HBO knocks it out of the park. The supporting cast of the show is great. Luis Guzman is Cam's ganster cousin Renee, who lends them the money to start their denim company. Lake Bell is Ben's ex, who no matter how hard he tries he can't get away from. Rapper Kid Cudi checks in as Domingo, a downtown hipster whose girlfriend knows EVERYBODY who is ANYBODY in the fashion world. One of my favorite little known actressses, Shannyn Sossamon plays Gingy, a art dealer who comes from a rich family but wants to be successful on her own. And Eddie Kaye Thomas, Fich from American Pie, plays Kappo, a hedge manager who wants to be down with the cool kids. It's the supporting cast that steal the show and make Greenberg and Rasuk shine on the screen. Throw in a solid production team that was behind Entourage, as well as great music and NYC locations and well, it looks like HBO has a hit on their hands. Make sure you check out How To Make It In America on Sunday nights at 10pm, or set the DVR to record it and catch up later.


  1. I have to admit I'm intrigued by the hype surrounding this show. I'll catch up on it tonight via HBO HD on Demand. I heard a ton of great things about it. As for Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi) acting? I gotta check this out for myself.

  2. He is good cause the character he is playing is just like him. Not much of stretch, know what I mean....

  3. I caught the first 2 episodes on demand last night and I must say, this is a show I can relate to. The writers really captured the essence of life in Manhattan for late 20's - early 30's movers and shakers in the city that never sleeps. It's weird how I can associate all the characters with people I know. Needless to say, my DVR is set and I will be tuned in.