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February 22, 2010

Hahahaha... Fuck You Canada!

Fuck You Canada... Long live the USA. For the first time in 50 years the USA beat Canada in an Olympic hockey match. Even though there was no medals being awarded and the two teams will probably have to play each other again at some point, it is good to finally get over the hump and smack these cannucks up on the ice. The USA and Canadian teams are the only two teams in the Olympics that feature all NHL players on their rosters, and Canada has NHL golden child Sydney "Syd the Kid" Crosby on their roster. We will check back on this rivalry some time in the next week when they run it back, this time with medal ramifications. And on a final note, Canada may not be good for much, but they did give us this photo below, and that is good enough for me. Maybe Canada isn't so bad... If all the chicks look like these two, I'd bet more then a few Americans would make their way to the Great White!


  1. Bite me eh! Compare your win loss record against us over all time. Leave our women and health care alone, stick to your own you aren't much good to us either my friend. Also your beer sucks! lol

  2. I would never visit Canada if you paid me! frankly i hope Alberta and Quebec pulls out of that worthless so called "federation" who cares if that pathetic country falls apart! those western provinces would happily
    join the U.S.